Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. This week's dessert treat is my favorite chocolate chip cookie, the recipe from Cook's Illustrated. The cookies are quite big but I still manage to eat 2 every evening.

2. One night I ate 2 huge chocolate chips cookies plus a biscotti from a new bakery near where SP works. I wasn't too impressed with the biscotti. I dunked the biscotti in my tea and as I was holding the biscotti over the mug to finish dripping before transporting it over the arm of the couch to my mouth there was a sudden plop! Sploosh! The stupid biscotti had no structural integrity - the dunked portion had softened so much it broke off and fell into the very full mug of tea. Tea splashed all over the end table and floor. So annoying! Dunked biscotti should stay intact.

3. The Steelers finally won a game! Of course this coming weekend they play the Ravens. Might be a short lived win streak.

4. SP's NY Giants are still winless. It's a very bad topic in this house. I am afraid to even mention the team.

5. Reading pile update: I managed to read the Saveur magazines plus the new Cook's Illustrated but am still looking at the 5 National Geographics. I guess I made the right decision to not renew that magazine.

6. This week's book: W is for Wasted. I've been reading Sue Grafton's alphabet series for years. I'm not finished yet, I'm about halfway through, but so far it's pretty good. My 'more favorite' alphabet books are the ones that reveal more about Kinsey's past, like W. I can't wait to see how the 2 plots merge and then how everything gets resolved.

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