Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Walmart Update: After swearing that the first charge couldn't have gone through because it wasn't in the journal and even if it did go through, it would void out, well, you know what happened. Monday morning I logged into the credit card account and sure enough there were 2 Walmart charges from the Saturday debacle. I was livid. Of course SP had to make a trip there after work and waste another 40 minutes standing in the customer service line and then having them get the manager who had to 'look into things' before issuing us a cash refund. I would rather have received a credit on the credit card, but... whatever. Right now, the Walmart rage in this house is strong.

2. We had a $1 off coupon for GEMD bakery. Treats! I chose vanilla biscotti. Bad choice. The biscotti were not very biscotti like. So disappointed. We won't be buying their biscotti again.

3. I did not manage to read a book this past week. I finished W is for Wasted and picked up another library book, but didn't start reading it. Another National Geographic arrived so now I have 6 of those to read. At least I know it won't reach 7 unread issues since I didn't renew the subscription and this was the last issue. I did read the brand new Bon Appetit and Pittsburgh Magazine.

4. I spent 2 days working on my cross-stitch, but I got frustrated. I think I must have aged a lot in the 2 years since I started this one because my gosh those stitches are tiny. I find myself squinting, even with my glasses on, and wishing for a magnifying glass. Just wait until the gold metallic thread fun starts, and then making a tassel.

5. Today was the start of a new breakfast meal... maybe. The yogurt I used to eat started using some disgusting sweetener, so I won't eat it anymore. The homemade yogurt has been suffering in quality. Not sure what we're doing wrong, but the texture has been off. Then when I broke my hip, blood work showed low potassium, and I was looking for a 'new' breakfast, so I started eating a banana every morning. After nearly 5 months of a banana a day, I am sick of bananas, which I don't really like in the first place. In fact, I despise everything banana except for an actual banana and the only way I can eat an actual banana is if I slice it into rounds on a plate and use a fork while trying to not inhale banana smell, which is gross.

I decided to try smoothies - but it cannot have milk because since my 20's, milk has made me feel sick to my stomach. Solution: plain yogurt, frozen fruit, fresh orange juice, maybe a squeeze of honey or a dash of vanilla/almond extract, depending on the fruit. But seriously, am I going to do that much work? Me, the girl who recently decided that aside from banana taste & smell, it was just too much work to peel and slice a banana then go all the way over to the compost bin to get rid of the stinky banana peel? Nope. I enlisted SP. A long time ago, he used to make himself smoothies for breakfast and he already eats yogurt with fruit on top anyway, why not puree it?

So the plan is that right before he leaves for work, as I am finishing my shower, he'll whip up a smoothie and pour some into a travel mug for himself and some into a glass for me.

We'll see how long this lasts. After all, someone has to dismantle the blender, clean the blender, and reassemble the blender every single day if we keep up this smoothie thing. If we decide this is a good long-term breakfast, we might purchase a small smoothie blender/personal blender with a blending jar that is also a travel mug/sport bottle, something like this or this. Something that can go in the dishwasher but with 2-3 bottles/mugs so we don't have to wash it every day!

I miss ripping the lid off a perfect portion of yogurt and eating it. All I needed was a spoon, and the spoon I use for my tea could double as a yogurt spoon.


  1. Smoothies for breakfast sound so good! And here's a simple way to clean the blender, so it doesn't become too much of a hassle. Put a few drops of dish soap in it, along with some water and turn on the blender. Works REALLY well and super easy.

    1. We'll have to try that! G has been dismantling and rinsing it but leaving it in the sink for me.