Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Halloween! It's trick-or-treat night and even though the doorbell rings just 3-4 times, we bought some candy to hand out instead of turning out the lights and pretending we aren't home. This year: Milky Way bars.

2. Yesterday I had a doctor appointment. I had to get up early, before the sun was up, and I wasn't too happy. Happily, SP stopped and bought me a chocolate cream donut from Big Daddy's Donuts.

3. I got my flu shot and sheesh does my arm ache today. It hurts more than it did yesterday. I also feel kind under the weather, but I suspect it's my allergies more than the flu shot making me feel sick.
4. This week's dessert: Spice Biscotti. I love these cinnamon-ginger-clove spiced biscotti. They are especially tasty dunked in some of the apple spice tea we just bought.

5. Tea. We stocked up/replenished our tea supply by visiting Margaret's this past weekend. So happy to have more Clementine Clove but also happy to have some new flavors (Apple Spice and Lady Londonderry).
 6. The Spice Biscotti are so darn tasty that they make what I already dubbed The Worst Biscotti Ever even worse than worst! We made Almond Orange Biscotti a few weeks ago using a recipe from The Williams-Sonoma Baking Book. It calls for cake flour. I think that's where the problem is. These biscotti were bland, not the right texture, not crisp. So not worthy of even being called biscotti. They weren't even saved by the almond extract or tons of orange zest. I ate 2-3 of them and called it quits, telling SP they were not even worthy of being eaten. He ate almost all of them over 2 weeks or so, whenever he went low and needed a snack to bring his blood sugar level up. The most bland and boring biscotti ever.
7. My dad had surgery this past Tuesday. It went well, they think, but only time will tell.

8. There has been zero progress on the reading pile and on the cross-stitch in the past week. I'm not sure what I've been doing, but it's not reading or sewing. My office currently resembles SP's office. My normally clean, organized, clutter free office currently has papers strewn all over the desk, pens scattered about, baskets and boxes on the floor, magazines and travel books in precariously balanced piles. It's making me very twitchy, but I'm so tired from still not sleeping well and having a constant allergy-sinus headache that I cannot bring myself to clean it.

9. My doctor seemed to think that taking a pain killer before bed would help with the pains and aches I get in my surgically repaired hips when I sleep on them. So I took 2 Tylenol last night. They didn't help at all. I have a prescription for something else she thinks will help, but we'll see. I'm not too hopeful. I don't like that it seems that for the rest of my life I'll only be able to sleep for 2 hours before waking up in pain and rolling over and then after 7 hours of restless sleep, I'll need a daily afternoon nap.

10. Like a little kid: I can't wait for tonight when I can raid the leftover Halloween candy & snarf up 4-5 little bars while sipping tea and watching Scandal.

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