Sunday, November 10, 2013

Afternoon Tea - The Inn On Negley

Last Friday was my actual birthday. Since it was a Friday, and since I ruined our planned June vacation so now SP has many unused vacation days, he decided to take the day off and turn it into a 3 day birthday weekend! I decided I wanted to go to an afternoon tea, see a movie, and then see where the day took us. Since my favorite Pittsburgh place for afternoon tea, Hyeholde, no longer offers afternoon tea, I had to find another place. I discovered that The Inn On Negley offers an afternoon tea, so I made a reservation there.
The Inn On Negley is a beautiful, historic home turned B&B. Happily, there is a ramp that wraps from the front of the house around to the back, so it's accessible. Tea is in the Fernwood Tea Room.
The tea room is cozy and inviting. We were able to sit right next to a little alcove of a window area, close to the radiator, which was terrific on a chilly November day. Plus, it was the table with the giant comfy chair, so SP was happy. There are lots of teas from which to choose. The current special tea is chai and that's what SP ordered. Predictably, I could not resist a cinnamon tea with 3 kinds of cinnamon and orange peel bits.
Chef Albert brought out our 3 tiered tower of goodies. The top tier, little sandwiches:
Egg salad, which was nice because it wasn't too wet/mayonnaise-y. A toasted crostini with herbed cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber and radish - my favorite because of the crunchy crostini and the herb cream cheese. The final one: a parsley and lemon chicken salad. Also not too wet/mayonnaise-y, which was nice.

The middle tier:
Vanilla cream scone and apricot ginger scone with grapes and apple slices. Served with raspberry jam and cream:
Both scones were delicious. As usual, I had to control myself and not eat every last bit of the cream. Jam & cream spread on scones is just so yummy!

The bottom tier:
A pear & apple crostata, brownie, and pumpkin mini cupcake topped with candied ginger. All 3 desserts were very good, but our favorite was the pear & apple crostata.
We had a lovely time at tea! I always think it won't be very filling but by the time I am eating the last little dessert treat, I am stuffed. All the food was good. The tea selection is terrific and we both were happy with the tea we chose. Plus, it was loose leaf tea, which I prefer to bagged tea, especially when I go out for tea. They do let you choose up to 2 kinds of tea to try, but neither of us opted to try a second tea flavor. Everyone there is so friendly and nice. It made for a nice birthday treat.

After tea, we went to see Thor: The Dark World, which was fun although I discovered I really don't like watching movies in 3D and it's our fault because we picked the movie showing that best fit our schedule instead of paying more attention to the XD/3D, 3D, and Digital options, so while some people might be excited by the XD/3D showing, I was not. It makes my eyeballs hurt and I just don't think it added much to the movie!

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