Monday, November 4, 2013

Eleven - Birthday Brunch

It's birthday time! That means it's time to head to a Big Burrito Restaurant for dinner or brunch in order to use my Big Burrito Birthday Coupon! This year, I chose Sunday brunch at Eleven. As usual, the food and the service were fantastic. We over-indulged in these goodies:
The bread basket. For brunch, the bread basket was filled with delicious, moist tiny biscuits, a pumpkin mini muffin, a cranberry & orange mini muffin, and a light & flaky croissant. To spread on our bread basket treats:
Honey butter and a pear-apple jelly. So good! I love honey butter and the pear-apple flavor was fantastic.
What's brunch without a fabulous cocktail? For SP, a Bloody Molly (made with whiskey; not photographed) and for me, an Eleven Mules - cucumber vodka, lime, ginger beer, and cucumber slices. My ginger beer cocktail trend continues! I really liked this drink, and the cucumber made it cool and refreshing.
SP's appetizer: Charcuterie - duck prosciutto, pork rillette, bresaola, melon butter, grilled baguette.
I actually chose an appetizer other than the beignets: Grilled Sticky - cinnamon swirl brioche, bacon butterscotch, icing. Oh my gosh. First, it was enormous. Second, it was absolutely delicious and I really wanted to devour the entire thing but I was afraid I would have no room for the rest of the meal, so I ate half and took the other half home. So light and airy and cinnamony, with that terrific sweet & salty combination (bacon & butterscotch). I may never order the beignets again!
SP's entree: Salmon - endive, fennel, and cucumber salad, lemon aioli, pea shoot. I was a little surprised he ordered this because he doesn't usually like fennel, but the salmon part of the dish overrode the 'meh' fennel. As usual, his fish was cooked perfectly and he ate it all.
For me: Eggs Benedict - English muffin, chanterelle mushroom, Surryano ham, hollandaise, citrus salad. Yum! I love eggs benedict but rarely order it (and never make it). It wasn't one English muffin split in half - there are 2 English muffins on the plate. I asked for my eggs to be well poached since I don't usually like runny yolk, and they were well poached but not over poached. I gave it my best shot and almost finished the entire plate, leaving behind maybe one third of an English muffin.
Of course I ordered dessert: Tiramisu Cannoli - espresso-mascarpone mousse, Marsala sabayon, espresso reduction, cocoa roasted hazelnuts. I love tiramisu flavors. I was feeling pretty full, but to my surprise I ate two of the three cannoli and pretty much scooped up every last bit of the sauces. SP ate the other cannoli.
For us, brunch at Eleven is very filling. We did not eat dinner last night because we were so stuffed! Around 9 pm I ate rest of my grilled sticky with my evening tea and it was still delicious, even after being reheated.

I love Big Burrito Birthday Coupon Brunch day! It was a great way to start the birthday celebrations!

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