Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smoothies for Breakfast

The first smoothie: blueberry
Several weeks ago, I wrote about wanting, needing, to change my breakfast meal. I thought smoothies might be good. So we started making smoothies. OK, not we, SP. I just drink them.
We bought bags of frozen fruit: peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, mixed berries. Lots of plain yogurt, non fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, there's a variety of yogurt. And oranges, lots of oranges.
Cherry smoothie
Every other day is smoothie day. Otherwise it's banana day. The smoothies are tasty. My favorites are strawberry with vanilla extract, peach with vanilla extract, and cherry with almond extract. The mixed berries were a little seedy.
Cherry - of course it's probably my favorite one because the frozen cherries are the most expensive frozen fruit!
Here's how we do it:

Put equal parts frozen fruit, yogurt, and fresh squeezed orange juice into blender. Add a few drops of vanilla or almond extract. Blend. Enjoy.

For each smoothie, he uses about 1/2 cup fruit/yogurt/juice. He rinses the frozen fruit in a colander to 'thaw' it a bit and lets it drain. If the orange doesn't yield enough juice, then the smoothie is light on juice or he adds a bit of water. For his smoothies, he uses just water, no juice.

So smoothies were a good idea. We'll keep making them until I get bored and decide it's time to change it up again. Or until I get really sick of seeing the blender base always out on the counter and the glass blender jar always in the dish drainer.

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  1. I love smoothies for breakfast! I definitely have more of them during the warmer months but still have them for breakfast at least twice a week in the fall and winter. Have you tried a green monster yet? Frozen banana, peanut butter, milk, some oats, and spinach. Obnoxious green color (hence the name) but tastes like banana and PB. And very filling!