Monday, November 25, 2013

So Much Food

My mind is racing in a million different directions! There's no way I could focus enough right now to write a food/recipe post - but that's OK because I don't have any new dishes to share! Even though there isn't anything new to share, there is SO MUCH FOOD in the house right now.

1. Saturday was lots of shopping in preparation for the big meal later this week. The traffic and crowds and cold/windy weather made us decide to not go out to dinner as we usually do on Saturday evenings. Instead, we bought soup at GEMD for dinner. I had a baked potato soup that was pretty tasty but the potato cubes could have been cooked more. SP had the Tuscan Vegetable and enjoyed it.

2. Sunday morning we made two red sauces. The first one was for sausage & meatballs for dinner with Texas sister's family last night. We followed SP's family recipe for the sauce & meatballs and added cut up sweet sausage links from Ricci's. The second sauce was my mom's sauce and we turned it into lasagna for dinners tomorrow & Wednesday with my brother & his family.

3. We are hopeful that my brother will make it into town. He has to drive from the north Georgia mountains through NC & VA & WV mountains and the forecast is not encouraging. I spoke with him this morning and he's still trying to figure out when to depart and how much he can realistically drive after work today and through the night. When you get to be our age, night driving is not as easy as it once was. When you live in an area that doesn't get much snow/ice, driving through it is not fun, although he does enjoy mocking his neighbors who freak out at 1 inch of snow.

4. Texas sister helped us make Mushroom Turnovers for an appetizer on Thanksgiving. It is so much easier with a third person to help!

5. While we made the mushroom turnovers, we snacked on Prosciutto & Gruyere Puff Pastry Pinwheels.

6. We asked SP's mom to do the last minute Thanksgiving shopping for us. We meant for it to be a Tuesday/Wednesday thing, but because of the winter weather forecast, she did it today. Our refrigerator is jammed with food. I don't think we are at potential avalanche level, but definitely at 'where the heck did X get shoved and how much crap am I going to have to move to get to it' level.


7. Texas sister made Cranberry-Orange Biscotti. They make an excellent breakfast.

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