Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Thursday Thoughts is delayed today because I wanted to get other things done, like finishing the library book that is due tomorrow.

2. The book due tomorrow is Teatime for the Firefly by Shona Patel. It's a lovely story of two people meeting and falling in love, India after World War 2 and the changes/upheaval it is going through, and life on a British owned tea plantation in Assam. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.

3. It's birthday week! SP & I always joke about how we each get a Big Burrito birthday dinner, a family birthday dinner, sometimes a second dinner out, and a homemade dinner plus dessert for our birthdays and sometimes those celebrations stretch out over a week or two. So I declared this week birthday week even though I am not getting my homemade dinner until this coming Sunday. SP rolled his eyes at 'birthday week' and muttered something under his breath but I have been getting special treats all week.

4. Treat #1: A donut from Peace, Love, and Little Donuts in Oakland. It was small for the price, but tasty. I forgot to take a photo. It was a plain cake donut dipped in chocolate and then in mini chocolate chips.
5. Treat #2: SP spent Tuesday evening fixing PM's computer. PM wanted to be 'cool grandma' so she let her 9 year old grandson download a free game. A game that came with all sorts of evil and malicious stuff that made her computer not work, not even to check email. He didn't get home until 11 pm but the computer now works and he came home bearing homemade pumpkin bread as a thank you. It's delicious!
6. Treat #3: SP stopped at Gaby et Jules and bought pastries. I shared with him because I'm nice but gosh these were good and I kind of wanted to be selfish wife and not share.
The napoleon was really flaky but oh so good with the light, vanilla pastry cream.
Eclair with chocolate filling. Yum! A dark chocolate cream filling, chocolate on top. I confess I cut it a wee off center and ate the larger by maybe 2 millimeters half. I'm just looking out for him - wouldn't want all these sweet treats to send his blood sugar level up too high, right?

7. Treat #4 is tonight but I do not yet know what it is. SP will be late getting home because he is stopping at the hospital tonight because his youngest sibling was hit by a car today while crossing the street on her way to work. She has a broken shoulder, but that's all I know, I don't know if she needs surgery or if there is anything else injured. But gosh darn it drivers - be careful out there!

8. Treat #5 is tomorrow, my actual birthday. SP took the day off and we are having a date day: afternoon tea and a movie, then maybe a small dinner. We decided to see 'Thor' which surprises my girlfriends. They want to know why we are seeing an SP movie for my birthday! 'Thor' is actually my favorite kind of movie, plus, Thor, he's pretty darn hot.

9. I have cleaned up my office and re-organized the closet so I feel much better. The Halloween decor has been put away and the Thanksgiving decorations are out. But I have not made any progress on those National Geographic magazines.

10. Last night we watched 'White House Down' and it was a lot of fun. See? I love action movies! Fights! Stuff blowing up! But sadly we are now way behind on our weekly TV viewing. We have 4 hours of TV since Sunday night that we haven't yet watched.

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