Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I know Halloween is over and it's time to talk turkey and mistletoe, but after tea last Friday we were driving around and I spotted the above Halloween decoration. I squealed. Loudly. I made SP pull over and get out to take a photo! A Pac-Man pumpkin eating ghosts! I love it! I want one! Makes me fondly recall the days when my best friend and I hit the roller rink and played Ms. Pac-Man.
2. My Thursday birthday treat last week was from Nancy B's Bakery. SP got me a chocolate chip cookie and an M&M cookie. He got himself a peanut butter cookie. All 3 were huge and delicious. Too bad we don't live closer to Homestead.
3. I'm sure it surprises no one that my homemade birthday dinner, which we made this past Sunday, was The Best Macaroni & Cheese Ever, breaded chicken, and roasted Brussels sprouts.

4. It might be surprising that instead of a baked treat for dessert this week we made Chex Mix. It's lasting longer than usual, probably because I am so darn stuffed after the mac & cheese and chicken.
5. When I have an early morning doctor appointment, SP bribes me out of bed by promising donuts. Usually, he doesn't keep his promise because we run late and don't have time on the way into the city and then on the way home, the yummy donuts are gone, so I lose out. But a couple of weeks ago, we actually had time to stop at Big Daddy's Donuts for a Devil Dog (chocolate cream filled donut). I ate it after we got home. Yum! Made getting up at 5:45 am worthwhile.

6. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for SP's family and my brother & his family. 15 people. That might sound not too big to some people, but for me, it's a lot since growing up every holiday had just 8 people. I'm not sure we even have that many plates or that much silverware! It might be a paper plate & plastic fork kind of Thanksgiving.

7. My National Geographic pile is down to 3 issues but my library book pile is back up to two with a third on the way. Plus there's a new Saveur.

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