Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better-Maid Donuts

This morning I had a doctor appointment. I'm getting annoyed with doctor appointments. I had one this past Monday, too, and there are more this month and then more in the beginning of the year. Getting up before the sun rises, dealing with traffic going into Oakland (and by the way, Pittsburgh, what the heck with all the Parkway West accidents this morning?!!), sitting in waiting rooms and hoping none of the gross coughs and sneezes infect me, having vials of blood drawn - yuck.

What makes it all a little bit more bearable: donuts. Specifically, Better-Maid Donuts in Crafton., Also known as the Pink House Donut place. We left early enough to stop by and purchase some donuts. Mmmm the car smelled so deliciously donut-y. When we got home around 11 am, we dove in. So good!

SP ate a strawberry jelly one:
I was sad that they didn't have the apple fritters today - but instead there were cinnamon rolls! Yum!
Soft, moist, mouth-watering dough with cinnamon and icing - good thing there is another one in the box. Definitely one of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had.
For later tonight and tomorrow there is another cinnamon roll, another strawberry jelly, a Boston cream, and a lemon.

Better-Maid is open only W-Th-F (I don't think they are open on weekends, but I could be wrong) and only until they run out of donuts, so get there early. It's worth it! There is not a parking lot, you just pull to the side of the road (Steuben Street in Crafton).

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