Monday, December 30, 2013

Crab Imperial

This year, Christmas Eve was a low-key affair for us, and that was just how we wanted it. It was quite nice to not have to prepare for guests or prepare to be a guest. Just stay in our jammies all day and relax.
The one 'special' thing we did was to make ourselves an appetizer treat: this rich Crab Imperial. The recipe is from the March 2012 issue of Saveur.
Crab mixed with onion, red pepper, and panko. Seasoned with cayenne, paprika, mustard, sherry, lemon, and Worcestershire, A buttery, creamy sauce. Baked until bubbly hot with buttery, toasted panko on top. Mmmmm. We made this once before and it was quite delicious, but so decadent and unhealthy that we have avoided making it again - until we decided to indulge a bit on Christmas Eve.
It is still very delicious, and still so rich. Definitely a once a year indulgence, or maybe a party appetizer, where there are lots of other people to help eat it all. We ate it directly out of the ramekins with a spoon, but it's also nice to have some crackers or toasted bread on which to dollop spoonfuls of the crab.
Lots of crab floating in a creamy sauce. A kick from the cayenne and paprika. Still slightly crunchy red pepper. Crunchy, buttery panko on top. So tasty that I couldn't wait to eat it and I kept burning my tongue and the roof of my mouth on the piping hot spoonfuls of crab!

Definitely still a make again dish.

Recipe here.

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