Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eggnog Snickerdoodles

Last year, SP bought me America's Test Kitchen Holiday Cookies 2012. I didn't make any cookies from it last year, but so far this year, I've tried two of the recipes. One of the two I tried is Eggnog Snickerdoodles. I've never been a huge fan of regular snickerdoodles, but I know SP likes eggnog, and I like the rum/brandy-nutmeg-cinnamon flavors of eggnog if not the actual drink eggnog. I was surprised to see there isn't any cinnamon in this recipe, but I figured that perhaps the rum extract and nutmeg would be enough. Also, I looked up eggnog recipes, and some use cinnamon and/or cloves in addition to nutmeg but many use only nutmeg. Same with other eggnog cookie recipes. I was still unsure of nutmeg only, but figured it must be OK. After all, I've only had eggnog once in my life, so what do I really know about it?!

These cookies were simple to make. The most difficult part was flattening the rounds a bit with the bottom of a greased measuring cup. I tried several 'bottoms' but all quickly stuck to the dough and I had to keep greasing the bottom of whatever I was using to flatten. So that part was a little frustrating.
These cookies spread out thinner than I expected, but they still looked like the ones in the photo. I'm not sure how I feel about this cookie. On the one hand, it tastes fine, like a nice, soft, thin butter cookie with powdered sugar on top. On the other hand, I can't really taste the rum extract nor do I taste the nutmeg sprinkled on top. We even added more nutmeg to the powdered sugar sprinkle and then even grated a wee bit of nutmeg directly on top of some cookies. So I guess I am disappointed because I think I expected a more rum-nutmeg flavored cookie and I don't really get those flavors from this cookie. I can't help but think that nutmeg in the dough as well as even more sprinkled on top would make a better cookie. Or maybe cinnamon, too.
SP likes these a lot, says they taste like eggnog, and says I'm crazy for being disappointed in them. My final verdict: slightly chewy, moist, a very good plain butter cookie, but disappointing, to me, in actual eggnog flavor. A 'possibly make again but unlikely to make again' cookie but mostly because we have such a large list of possible holiday cookies and I don't think this one makes the top 10. Then again, they are simple and quick - no dough chilling, no dough rolling, no special dough shaping, so maybe they will show up again.

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  1. I just made these and also found the dough stuck to the bottom of the glass, so I used my fingers to slightly flatten the first couple of batches. We know regular snickerdoodles are rolled in cinnamon/granulated sugar mix, so I rolled some of these in nutmeg/granulated sugar mix, then flattened a bit and they are delicious. Will dust the first couple dozen with the powdered sugar/nutmeg mix later.