Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Been A While: Meat & Potatoes

I have a habit of always ordering the same dishes at a restaurant. The problem is, there are some dishes I absolutely love and since we do not go anywhere all that often, when I do return to a restaurant, I go right for the trusty, tasty favorite. I just can't seem to pass it up in favor of trying something new. The weekend after Thanksgiving, we saw 'Elf' at the Benedum, walked through the Holiday Market at Market Square, and then settled in to warm up and have dinner at Meat & Potatoes. Much to my surprise, it had been quite a while since we had last dined at Meat & Potatoes. We started off with the usual, but after that, it was all new dishes. The usual drinks: Barrel Aged Manhattan for SP and a Dark & Stormy for me.
We kicked off our new dishes evening with an order of Fried Pickles with spicy ranch dipping sauce. Usually, I like, not love, fried pickles. These fried pickles I love. I don't know if it's the pickle, the thickness of the pickle round, the seasoned breading, the pickles being fried to a perfect, crispy, golden brown, or some kind of magic, but these are easily the best fried pickles I have ever eaten.
SP ordered the Bone Marrow, served with gremolata, onion relish, sea salt, and grilled bread. He said it was delicious and he especially liked the onion relish and sea salt sprinkled on top.
I decided to finally try the Short Ribs Flatbread with blue cheese, arugula, cheddar, horseradish. I always want to order it and then shy away from it. I am so glad I finally tried it. I loved the mix of cheeses melted on top the short ribs, the thin but not too thin flatbread, fresh arugula. I did end up taking half home because I was getting full. The next day when I ate it cold for lunch, I couldn't get enough of it. I found myself wishing there was more it.
SP got the daily mussels special, I think they were mussels with salmon roe, dill, tomato, garlic. As usual, the mussels photographed terribly in a dark restaurant. He said they were tasty and he ate them all.
Meanwhile I finally tried another dish I have eyed before: Mac-n Cheese with pulled pork, chorizo, government cheese. So glad I finally tried this dish! Definitely one of the best mac-n-cheese dishes I've ever had when dining out. Cheesy, not gummy or glue-like cheese sauce. Just enough chorizo and pulled pork to make it delightfully porky and flavorful without overwhelming the cheesy pasta. One of those 'if only I could lick my plate in public' dishes. I finished it all.
We were full and hadn't planned on ordering dessert, but the Eggnog Pot de Creme sounded like a good way to end dinner and start the winter holidays (I think of Thanksgiving as fall, not winter, and as soon as it's over, it's time for the winter holiday season). It was very good, definitely an eggnog flavor but gosh, when you are as full as we were, it's a little hard to truly enjoy a tasty dessert. We managed to finish all but 1 or 2 spoonfuls.

SP also enjoyed a fresh brewed iced tea and I ordered hot tea and was able to select from around 7-8 kinds of tea (I forget exactly how many were in the tea chest; I chose a basic black tea).

We both are still impressed by the tasty drinks and food at Meat & Potatoes. When we go to a place like Meat & Potatoes we expect service to be at a higher level than at other places we go to since it's one of the top restaurants/most popular in Pittsburgh. Our server did not disappoint. The Dark & Stormy is no longer listed on the Drinks menu, but when I inquired about it, she assured me they could still make it. She was patient as I pondered the tea choices and the meal was nicely paced. The front desk/hostess customer service continues to improve with each visit. Definitely one of my favorite Pittsburgh places.

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