Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sausage & Beef Stuffed Red Peppers

Quite some time ago we made these Sausage & Beef Stuffed Red Peppers. Growing up, my mom never made stuffed peppers because my dad doesn't like peppers. When my friends would say they were having stuffed peppers for dinner, it seemed like such an exotic dish. I first made them on my own some time during graduate school. Green peppers stuffed with beef, rice, and tomatoes. They were good, but not necessarily something I was wowed by.
SP loves stuffed peppers, but not green peppers. Red or yellow or orange peppers. We knew we wanted stuffed peppers, but we couldn't quite decide on a filling. We consulted several cookbooks for ideas and finally decided to just make it up as we went along. The result was quite tasty and I'd definitely make these again. We used Ricci's sausage, which we love, along with ground beef, which we had in the freezer and wanted to use. White rice for me, brown for SP. A quick homemade tomato sauce. And a package of Costco red peppers. Next time I'd add some mushrooms and maybe make a bit more sauce.

Our Recipe

6 red peppers (one package from Costco)
1~1.25 lb ground beef
1~1.25 lb sweet or spicy sausage (we used Ricci's sweet)
white or brown rice, about 1/2 cup each
Red sauce, jarred or a quick homemade one

Cook the rice. Slice off the tops of the peppers and chop them into fine pieces. Remove seeds inside the main peppers. Place peppers in baking dish. Saute the onion and chopped pepper. Cook the sausage and beef. Mix together cooked rice, sausage, beef, onions, chopped red pepper, and some of sauce. Fill the peppers, making sure to save some sauce to spoon on top and in the bottom of the baking dish. Bake until everything is thoroughly heated.

Our homemade red sauce:
can crushed tomatoes
can tomato paste
parmesan rind (as much/little as you want)
splash pepper vodka (can omit, or use plain vodka)
dried parsley, oregano, basil (as much/little as you want; we just sprinkle until it looks 'good')

Simmer all ingredients for a while (2-3 hours).

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