Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

 1. I can't believe it's Thursday already and that just one week ago we were making Thanksgiving dinner.

2. This past Monday morning, I had a doctor appointment. SP took a vacation day so he could have an extra long Thanksgiving break. We were hungry after my appointment, so we went to Pamela's in Squirrel Hill. Of course we ordered the pancakes!
I'm not sure I'm an 'all the time thin pancake' kind of girl, but I do like Pamela's pancakes, especially the crispy edges. I had bacon with mine; SP had sausage and 2 eggs with his:
3. While in Squirrel Hill, we stopped by Gaby et Jules (sadly, closed on Monday) and Margaret's (more tea!) and Ten Thousand Villages. By then it was nearly lunch time by the clock, not by our tummies, which were still full of pancakes, but we couldn't resist the call of the soup dumplings at Everyday Noodles. We swore we'd order one order of soup dumplings and share it. But then we remembered how tasty the potstickers are. How they are the best I've had since leaving Japan. So of course we ordered those, too. We ate everything except for 3-4 potstickers, which we took home for part of dinner later that night.

4. I'm starting to dislike turkey. All the leftover veggies and stuffing and other stuff is gone. But the turkey. It's haunting me. I don't care about all those leftover turkey recipe ideas on food blogs and in magazines and on TV. They do not inspire me. I do not cook extra turkey to ensure leftovers. Too much turkey is too much turkey and we have way too much turkey. Next time there will be less than 23 lbs of turkey for 16 people. We even gave a huge portion of the leftover turkey to Z since she still can't cook and her husband doesn't cook. But still. The turkey. I better not see turkey again until next Thanksgiving.

5. I can't believe it's December and Christmas is almost here and I am just not ready to deal with it. We hauled out the tree and other decorations last weekend and the house is as decorated as it ever gets, but I'm just not feeling Christmas this year. Bah humbug!

6. SP can't believe I haven't even made my preliminary cookie list. The list with 40+ possible cookies to bake. Honestly, I don't feel like baking at all this year.

Well, OK, maybe a little baking. Looking at the cookies from 2012, I can feel myself getting a little inspired:
Top Row: Raspberry Shortbread Bars, Triple Ginger, Sugar Cut Outs, Pizzelles
Middle: Cinnamon Bun Pinwheels, Chocolate Dipped Crescents, Ischl Tartlets, Cherry-Almond Biscotti
Bottom: Walnut Cups, Orange, Lebkuchen, Peppermint Candy Piece

Definitely none in the bottom row. We just baked the first 2 with my niece. Maybe I can handle the other six kinds. Those cinnamon pinwheels are awfully tasty...

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