Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last week SP had an appointment before work. He then drove past Party Cake Shop on his way to work and stopped in to buy me some cookies (this was before our cookie baking spree). Yum! Linzer Tarts. A little too much powdered sugar - I wound up covered in white powder every time I went near these cookies - but definitely a tasty treat.
2. It wasn't just Mushroom-Fontina Quiche week. It also was Spinach-Smoked Gouda Quiche week. We have so much going on that we haven't felt like spending much time on dinner. So we made these, cheating with store-bought frozen pie shells, and Oxtail Soup in the slow cooker. Those have been our meals this week.
3. I'm managing to stay a bit in control of the library book pile. This past week I read Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich (it was the usual Stephanie Plum stuff).

4. I mentioned 'cookie baking spree.' Here's what we baked this year:
Top Row: Cinnamon Bun Pinwheels, Blackberry Shortbread Bars, Spritz
Middle: Candy Cane Cookies, Cherry Icebox Ribbons, Chocolate Dipped Crescents
Bottom: Eggnog Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels, Triple Ginger

Only 9 kinds of cookies. I'm disappointed in us. Usually we bake 12 kinds.

5. Only 6 days until Christmas. I'm still not feeling the holidays. We're still not ready (yes, we still have gifts to buy).

These days, Christmas stirs up my mind. A lot. It makes me question religious beliefs, what being a good person means, the power and difficulty of forgiveness, why the current family holiday traditions are what they are, and what I truly want Christmas to mean for me and what I truly want to do versus what I feel obligated to do. You would think at my age I'd have this all sorted out, but I don't.

Maybe some day I will. For now, I'll eat my cookies, shrug my shoulders, and keep thinking about things.

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