Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Christmas is over and I for one am quite happy to see an end to this 'most wonderful time of the year.' These days, this time of year does not bring out the best in me. I am not at all proud of this. I spend a lot of time thinking and having arguments in my head and trying to make peace within myself about certain things, but I fail very year and end up crabby and anxious for it all to end. Not jolly. Not relaxing. Thus, huge sigh of relief today when things returned to normal. SP is at work. There is no cookie baking. No present shopping. No present wrapping. I paid the credit card bills with the holiday charges. All that is left is dismantling the holiday decor this coming weekend.
2. I might joke about turning to booze to survive the holidays, and some people really do, but the truth is that while we may have a glass or two on weekends and at holidays, neither of us drinks much. Our liquor cabinet suggests otherwise! This year at the annual holiday party with SP's college friends, we received a bottle of Cinnabon vodka in the white elephant gift exchange. Booze is a big theme every year in this white elephant exchange! I opened it at the party and tried some mixed with ginger ale. It's OK. Not as good as the cake vodka. I taste more cinnamon roll vanilla icing flavor than cinnamon roll cinnamon flavor.

3. Speaking of cinnamon, it's one of my favorite flavors. Sadly, recently, I seem to have developed a bit of disliking for it in tea. Both my Cinnamon Stick Tea and some loose leaf Christmas Joy tea (with clementine, cinnamon, clove, and wee candy bits) have tasted funny to me lately. This especially stinks because we buy our tea through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program so I now have 6 boxes of Cinnamon Stick tea that I have not been enjoying. Ugh.
4. We have more treats than we can handle! In addition to the cookies we baked, we have an assortment of chocolate bark, chocolate covered grahams & pretzels & Oreos, and goodies from this enormous basket:
So much food. So many treats.

5. We also have a lot more beverages. In addition to the Cinnabon vodka, SP gave me a bottle of bourbon, SP received 2 new teas, I received more of the Wild Orange Blossom tea I love from Teavana, plus SP bought me Blue Bottle Coffee  (LOVE the Bella Donovan) and my brother sent us some coffee we really like from his brother-in-law's store. Lots of brewing and sipping in the coming months.

6. Last weekend we saw American Hustle - great movie. We saw it at the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon because we were meeting SP's family for dinner at Bravo at the Galleria, and Bravo at the Galleria was chosen by me because it was my turn to pick (it was my belated birthday dinner) and because there is underground covered parking and the weather forecasters made it sound like there was going to be constant, pounding, monsoon like rain all weekend long. It's not super easy to transfer in/out of a car on a wet transfer board.

Anyway, my point here is this: I was shocked (and appalled) that it cost $7.75 for a matinee movie at the Galleria theater, a theater that is 20 years old, which I am sure of  because I used to live in the South Hills, specifically 2-4 minutes away from the Galleria off of Connor Road, and I can remember seeing a Jack Ryan movie (Patriot Games or Clear & Present Danger) in that theater (I remember because I went by myself). Ridiculous! The new Cinemark near us costs $6.75 for a matinee, has better seating, specifically better wheelchair seating (more of it and roomier), cup holders on the seats, and nicer & bigger & less beat up screens. Also, the Cinemark is only $5.75 for the first showing of the day of each movie and the evening adult price is $9.25 ($9.75 on a Friday/Saturday night) versus $10.75 at the Galleria. Grrr. It's too bad convenience won in this case because I am pretty sure we will avoid the Galleria theater now. How on earth can such an old and crappy theater charge so much?!

And of course there wasn't any monsoon-like rain when we were out on Sunday. Stupid weather forecasters.

7. My niece is applying for her driving learner's permit today. Yikes! She just turned 15 and in GA you can start learning to drive at age 15. I am going to sound like a stereotypical old aunt now: where on earth did the time go, I was just holding a wee little one week old B in my arms and giving her a stuffed elephant and how the heck can she be learning to drive already and someone make time stop or slow down!!!!!

8. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whatever you chose to celebrate or not celebrate.

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