Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicken Divan

Several weeks ago, we wanted a dinner that was easy to re-heat during the week. It was cold and we were thinking casserole. A quick flip through Cover & Bake and we had our meal: Chicken Divan.
This was pretty easy to make and it made a lot. We easily got 4 dinners out of this with a lunch portion leftover. Basically, a layer of rice topped with a layer of broccoli topped with a layer of chicken and a creamy cheddar & parmesan sauce poured over it all and topped with chopped almonds & bread crumbs then baked until bubbly.

This was quite tasty, but it seemed like a lot of chicken and not enough broccoli to suit our tastes. Next time, I would cut back on the chicken and add more broccoli. I would also make more cheese sauce for the leftovers to help keep the dish from drying out when re-heated. I also might increase the bread crumb-almond topping. It was the topping and sauce that really gave life to this casserole.
It's important to overlap the chicken on top to shield the broccoli from the oven heat and keep it tasty & green not dull, limp, and overcooked. Having the uncooked chicken on top also allows the chicken juices to flavor and moisten the dish as it bakes. The rice is first sauteed with the chopped broccoli stems and diced onion then simmered in water before becoming the bottom layer. The broccoli florets are blanched before becoming the second layer so they're a nice, bright green.

Another make again dish - except we're compiling so many make again dishes alongside our 'want to try' dishes that I am sure some of the delicious dishes we've made will end up forgotten!

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