Monday, January 13, 2014

Chocolate Madeleines

We have finally finished/given away all of the holiday cookies we baked. That means it's time to bake more cookies! Since I have to have a little dessert every evening with my evening cup of tea and since the only other dessert we have in the house is chocolate and I can't eat chocolate candy every single day (I just don't like chocolate that much), it was time to once again bake.
Usually one of the holiday cookies we bake is madeleines, but this past holiday season, we didn't make them. I wanted to make Chocolate Madeleines, they were on the baking list, the ingredients were purchased, but we just never got around to baking them. Until yesterday.
These are as easy to make as other madeleine recipes. They taste much, much better than the last batch of Chocolate Madeleines we made, which I cannot find on the blog so I guess that confirms just how not so tasty those ones were. I think the tablespoon of vanilla and 2 teaspoons of instant espresso really complement the chocolate - they tasted very chocolaty and rich without being too chocolaty and too rich.
They were light, spongy, cakey, moist, chocolaty, a hit of coffee flavor, slight crispness along the edges. Perfect. I devoured 3 of these for dessert and I could easily have inhaled more. There will be many more chocolate madeleines made in the future.

Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, can be found here.

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