Friday, January 31, 2014

Shepherd's Pie

This week we've been enjoying Shepherd's Pie. We've made it a few times, sometimes it turns out really tasty and other times not so tasty. It's been a while since we made it because the last time was a not so tasty time. This time we returned to Anne Burrell's Shepherd's Pie recipe and it was delicious!
Like many of our favorite recipes these days, this one calls for wine. We used the red wine that SP's mom gave us at Christmas. This is blend of three reds: zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. It was pretty good.
Sauteing the carrots, celery, and onion. Note the amazing diced veggies - the uniform size. I might be slow at chopping, but I can do a pretty good job when I try!
Veggies simmering with the lamb in the stock & wine. We bought a leg of lamb at Costco and cut it in half, which gave us 2 hunks of lamb, each weighing about 2 lbs. SP froze one and diced the other.
Mashed potatoes. Not usually one of my favorites, but when plopped on top tasty lamb and broiled in the oven they transform into potatoes I can't get enough of.
Nicely browned on top.
This is so very good - I think we'll stick with this version of Shepherd's Pie. I definitely like it better with chunks of lamb than with ground lamb. The lamb stays moist and flavorful because it simmers in sauce. The wine & the beef stock we added give the sauce a lovely richness. The sauce was so good that we found ourselves wishing we had a piece of bread to mop up all the sauce. The potatoes have that nice crisp, brown top. The leftovers reheat nicely, too. I reheated at 350 with the glass casserole lid on for 30-45 minutes (depended on when exactly SP got home) then took the lid off when I heard the garage door - it was probably another 5-10 minutes with the lid off while SP got in the house, changed clothes, washed up, and got ready for dinner.
Our changes to the recipe:

  • No leeks
  • No garlic
  • Used onions
  • We had leftover beef stock, so we used 2 cups beef stock and 2 cups chicken stock
  • We used an entire bag of peas
  • Dried, not fresh, thyme
  • We used heavy cream since we had some but otherwise we would have used milk
  • We used regular Idaho baking potatoes
  • We don't use a food mill/ricer for mashed potatoes, we use our hand held electric mixer
Recipe here.

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