Friday, January 3, 2014


The weekend after Christmas and before New Years, we decided to treat ourselves to a nicer-than-usual dinner out. We decided to make a return trip to Spoon in East Liberty - and we were very surprised to discover our one & only trip to Spoon had been back in February 2012! I really didn't think it had been that long! Here's what we enjoyed:
The bread basket: cornbread, cheese & chive biscuits, and French bread. Delicious. The biscuits are my favorite, of course, since they are cheesy!
Cocktails: Gin & Tonic for SP; Holiday Sangria for me. Both yummy.
My appetizer: Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Souffle - local apples & pears, candied walnuts, frisee, arugula, apple coulis, honey & white balsamic vinaigrette. I don't think it had apples & pears; instead I recall citrus fruit (the pink/red on the bottom of the salad mound). I prefer citrus, so that's OK, and the fruit was juicy. This was tasty. To me, the souffle bites needed to be eaten with a bite of salad to cut the bite of the cheese.
SP's appetizer: Swordfish - braised octopus, watermelon radish, kohlrabi, persimmon & orange puree, smoked champagne vinaigrette. He loved this dish. He was especially impressed with the tenderness of the octopus and the swordfish being cooked perfectly.
My entree: Shellfish Pappardelle - butter poached Maine lobster, Maryland crab, shrimp, seared scallops, baby arugula, grilled fennel, kalamata olives, shellfish essence. I asked for it without any garlic and they were able to do so. The seafood was so good. I guess we're always so happy when we eat shellfish out because almost always it's cooked just right and it's so hard to get it just right at home, although SP usually does a very good job. The olives were green, so I'm not sure they were kalamata, but they were delicious and I couldn't stop eating them for their salty and briny bite. I ate all the seafood and took some of the pasta and veggies/broth home. I didn't want to try reheating the shellfish because while it would be edible, it just wouldn't be as mouthwatering and perfect. I really enjoyed this dish.
SP's entree: Seared Dayboat Scallops smoked brisket & cabbage, duck fat mashed potatoes, parsnip puree, sour apple sauce, pine nut aioli.
It was hard to get him to say much about it because he was too busy devouring it and nodding approval. He ate it all.
Dessert: I ordered decaf coffee, served in a mini press pot, and we shared the Apple dessert. It's not online, but it was churros and apples in sauce and another sauce and ice cream. Sorry - I was stuffed and I just cannot remember the description. Our server had them split it onto 2 plates for us, so the photo is my half of dessert.
I remember deliciousness. Scraping up every last bit, and then sitting back, happy and full.

Spoon was just as relaxing & inviting as last time. The service was just as wonderful and friendly. The food just as delicious. We'll definitely be back - I hope before nearly 2 years passes again!

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