Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tartine, Revisited

Lucky for us, SP had a work holiday for MLK, Jr. Day. That meant a 3 day weekend, which is always nice because we feel much less stressed and pressed for time. We decided to have a small 'date day' on his extra day off: lunch out and then a movie. We decided on lunch at Tartine and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit for the movie.
Tartine is not too far from us. It's in the West End. They are open daily 9 am - 2 pm. We arrived around 11:30 am. I had been to Tartine back in August with my mom. This was SP' s first visit. He like the cozy, cute interior. We both liked the freshly brewed iced teas and while sipping the teas, we decided to share a couple of dishes.
First up, Quiche: sauteed spinach, roasted tomato, and fresh mozzarella quiche with side salad. The quiche was very good. Creamy, not runny, chunks of tasty tomato, lots of melty mozzarella, and spinach. We both liked the fresh greens lightly dressed with a simple vinaigrette.
We also shared something new to their menu: Nouilles au Fromage: gemelli with gruyere & brie bechamel, sherry, and herbed breadcrumbs. This was a delicious version of macaroni & cheese. Not too much cheese sauce. It was smooth and creamy and very flavorful. SP doesn't normally like brie and was surprised by how tasty he found this dish.
We had enough room to share one of the beautiful desserts in the case. This was a tiramisu cake treat. It was delicious. Light and airy, creamy, just enough chocolate accents.

My second trip to Tartine was just as tasty and lovely as my first visit. SP enjoyed his first visit. The owner and employees are very friendly and welcoming, the food is tasty, the atmosphere is relaxing - it's a great place for breakfast/lunch/brunch. Just remember it's cash only!

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