Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tea Sandwiches

Way back in December, we went to a holiday party. Usually we take a dessert to this annual party, but this year we decided to take something not sweet. We decided to make 3 kinds of Tea Sandwiches on 2 different kinds of bread.
We used white bread and pumpernickel bread to make Pimiento Cheese, Creamy Vegetable, and Chicken Salad sandwiches.
We both love Pimiento Cheese Spread. It is not at all healthy - lots of cheddar, mayonnaise, cayenne, and pimiento. But gosh is it good. My dad and brother love this spread, too, and usually there are fights over who gets the last spoonful of Pimiento Cheese. Sometimes SP and I fight over the last bit, too, but usually I win with him muttering something like 'it's not good for you anyway' and huffing off.
We always use Grandma Knowlton's Pimiento Cheese recipe, but we use a bit less than 1 cup of mayonnaise. I don't know how much pimiento we use other than we use an entire small jar that we buy at Walmart.
I wanted to make a cucumber tea sandwich, but then I found this recipe from Southern Living for Creamy Vegetable Sandwiches, so we used it. We omitted the garlic and green onions and instead added some chopped white onion. We also halved the recipe.
These sandwiches were really tasty, but after a day the strong white onion was overpowering the dip, so next time I would use the green onions. Also, even though I squeezed the chopped/grated vegetables in paper towels (and seeded the cucumber), they still leaked water into the spread so after a day or two, the spread was just too watery. I finely chopped the cucumber & red pepper but SP grated the carrot using the food processor.
Chicken Salad. You don't really need a recipe for chicken salad. We cooked a bunch of chicken tenders in the oven, maybe as many tenders to equal 2 large breasts. After the chicken cooled, we pulsed it in the food processor into wee bits. I finely chopped 2-3 celery stalks. We hard boiled 3 eggs, but when I sliced into one it looked funny, so we tossed it. The other two looked OK, so we used only 2 finely chopped eggs and that was enough. We added a wee bit of chopped white onion, just enough mayo and some Dijon to make everything stick together like chicken salad, and seasoned with parsley, salt, and pepper. Sometimes SP adds a splash of vinegar, but he didn't this time.
Yum! I really like chicken salad, and if you don't over-do the mayo, it will keep for a while. I don't like my chicken salad too wet/mayonnaise-y. You can always add more mayo.
These were a hit at the party. We used Pepperidge Farm white bread to make some sandwiches and cut them into quarters. The pumpernickel was from the store bakery and we cut each sandwich into about 6-8 pieces. Also, we cut off the crusts. We took about 4 dozen little tea sandwiches for 9-10 people and only 4 were left.

Bonus: we got to enjoy extra special and extra tasty lunches and snacks for a few days until everything was gone.

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