Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Peeps, Paczki, & Puffington

1. Peeps. My friend P came over one day last spring and asked me if I could believe that her husband bought her peeps. I was confused - what was so exciting/unusual about receiving some sugar coated marshmallows? Turns out she meant real, live peeps. As in, her husband bought her baby chicks and they had a small chicken coop in their yard now.

She lives in Butler and has a lot of land so they had plenty of space for a small chicken coop. Every so often she sends me updates and texts me photos of the peeps.

Anyway, over the holidays, SP did some work on P's computer. As usual, she asked what she owed us. As usual, we said nothing. As usual, she insisted on compensating SP for his time. So when she picked up the computer she brought us 11 eggs from her peeps. Fresh, organic eggs!

So SP has been making fried eggs in the mornings. Delicious, rich yolks. Tasty peeps.  
2. From peeps to donuts. One of our friends posted about her excitement for paczki and SP got all excited because he adores paczki. Apparently, it's paczki season. SP is enthusiastic enough (I think it's because in his youth his family had a lot of Polish traditions like he remembers kielbasa at Easter and he remembers paczki, etc.)  that he stopped at Party Cake Shop this week and brought home some paczki - 2 lemon, 2 raspberry, 1 chocolate, and 1 custard.
I have to say these are pretty darn tasty Polish treats! The ones from Party Cake are huge! And if you like filling more than dough you are in luck. I would have liked a bit more dough to filling. But that's a minor quibble - these were delicious.

I think paczki 'season' runs until early March so hopefully we'll have several more chances to enjoy these. They currently are available at Bethel Bakery, Oakmont Bakery, and Party Cake (and I'm sure other bakeries but those are the ones that come to mind right away).

3. The 'whole house' humidifier we have doesn't seem to be humidifying the house enough for me. Even though we cleaned it and replaced the screen and turned it up so there's more water dripping, my skin remains very dry and I still constantly get nose bleeds. Worst of all is that it's another winter with my eyes puffy, swollen, scratchy, sore - just awful. I am lotioning the corners of my eyes & my eyelids every 2 hours. I am always clawing at them. It doesn't help that the heating vent is right next to my side of the bed so it blasts in my face all night long, even though we try to arrange a pillow between the bed and nightstand to block the hot air in my face.

So we bought a room humidifier. Nothing too expensive. Nothing too fancy. We consulted Consumer Reports. And then we bought Puffington.

Yes. When we opened the box we discovered the penguin had a name. We set him up last night and let him mist the room for a few hours before bed plus we let him mist overnight. It seems to have helped a bit, but maybe that's my wishful thinking. It certainly cannot hurt. Next time we have Puffington set up and misting, I'll take a photo. He has to have his belly emptied every day, so right now he's in pieces and drying out.

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