Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy New Year!

2. I am watching the snow fall. It's pretty. But it will make the roads slippery, SP will have to shovel in frigid temps, and then it'll turn dirty and slushy and get stuck in the wheelchair wheels and then plop off and melt all over the wood floors and then we'll have to mop up the puddles and... The pretty doesn't outweigh the annoyances. How many days until spring?!
3. Bourbon. Why are people so shocked to find out I like whiskey & bourbon? I guess I seem like a girly drink girl but really, those are my least favorite kind of cocktails. I don't drink bourbon straight or toss back shots, but it's quite lovely when mixed with club soda or ginger beer and maybe a splash of lime. Anyway, for Christmas, SP got me a bottle of Weller 12 year. After doing some research, he discovered it is a bourbon made with wheat, not rye, and it's on the same family tree branch of bourbon as the famous and coveted Pappy Van Winkle.

We cracked it open last Sunday. He poured some Makers Mark and some Weller over ice into glasses and made me do a blind taste taste. I like the MM, but next to the Weller, the MM is... not so good. I could tell the difference just by sniffing each glass. The tasting confirmed it. I might not be able to go back to MM.

Anyway, we each had a sip straight, then he mixed it with ginger beer, and we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon bourbon cocktail. So smooth and tasty and a little strong for our weak systems as we each felt it after one cocktail!
 4. In addition to mixing up cocktails with the new bourbon this past weekend, we brewed some of the new coffee - the Bella Donovan Blue Bottle Coffee. These photos are from a few months ago. Our original stash of Bella Donovan, Giant Steps, and Decaf Noir is gone. Thank goodness SP replenished it with 2 bags of Bella Donovan! Mmmm I love this stuff.
5. On New Year's Eve we went to see a movie: The Wolf of Wall Street. Overall, we both enjoyed the movie a lot. Some scenes are absolutely hilarious. Some are just downright disgusting with the level of debauchery. Definitely gets you thinking. And a little paranoid about your investments!
6. New Year's Day morning tradition is brunch. This year, bacon & blueberry pancakes. Yum! We used the rest of the frozen blueberries in these pancakes so no more frozen blueberries for smoothies, which is OK for me because it's way too cold for me to drink smoothies in the morning. I think I'm back to a banana every morning until March or April.
7. I am maybe a little bit addicted Candy Crush. I held out for a long time, but then Texas sister invited me to play via Facebook. I resisted until one day I decided I wanted to know what the fuss was. Kind of like Angry Birds - I resisted and then finally caved in just to see what people were talking about. Anyway, I installed it on my phone and tablet. Then I got a new phone so I had to re-install it and start all over. SP noticed my Candy Crushing and made fun of me, called it a rip off of Bejeweled, and then got himself addicted. Nerd alert: we spent last night on opposite ends of the couch watching TV while playing Candy Crush, every so often muttering 'Stupid Jelly!' and 'Arrgh so close!'

8. We got hooked on 'Getting On' on HBO. I thought the most recent episode was especially hilarious. That kind of 'oh my gosh they really went there oh that is so wrong but gosh I can't stop laughing' hilarious. We also have finally gotten around to watching Mob City, which aired on TNT last December. We are halfway through the 6 episodes and so far it's pretty good after a bit of a slow and confusing start.

9. Finally, the reading pile. I zipped through several recent magazines and read The Gods of Guilt. I really like Michael Connelly's books, especially the Harry Bosch books. This one was a Mickey Haller book and it was quite good although while in a way the 'good guys' won, there is, as always, a lot of collateral damage and many shades of gray so it leaves you feeling a little... bittersweet? Sad that good doesn't always prevail? Sad that it doesn't end nice and neat and happy? Sad that the good guys are flawed? But definitely a good, thought provoking read.

10, Hope your 2014 is off to a good start!

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