Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 1. It's M & M Shortbread Cookies week! It seems like we make these every January. They're really tasty - even SP is eating 3 every evening for dessert. They're also really easy to make.
 2. It's also Mustard-Tarragon Chicken Saute week with Pureed Cauliflower on the side. The chicken is as tasty as ever (we used whole milk this time) but the cauliflower puree is not as good as the cauliflower puree we made earlier this month. This time, we cooked the cauliflower in water then added some warm milk when we pureed it. It seems more watery (perhaps we didn't drain the cauliflower enough) and thin - not like the luscious, thick puree a few weeks ago. I think we'll stick with cooking the cauliflower in milk and cut back on how much milk we initially add when pureeing.
3. Puffington is still hard at work, attempting to humidify the bedroom. It seems to be helping a bit. My eyes seem a bit less dry and itchy in the mornings and I'm not snoring/breathing through my mouth as much. Sadly, the humidity in the bedroom, after reaching a high of 34% humidity one day, seems to be staying at 29% even with Puffington running all day long. I think that's because the heat is running so often because it's so darn cold that the humidifying just cannot keep up with the dry heat.

4. We watched Captain Phillips last night. Great movie! Last Friday we watched Lee Daniels' The Butler and that was very good, too.

5. We definitely do not need more TV shows to watch, but we started watching True Detective on HBO and we love it. What we're not loving, me more so than SP, is Revolution, which has been annoying me with it's stupid, meandering episodes. It never seems to get to the point or resolve anything or really answer anything. And they all do stupid things. But the Sleepy Hollow finale was pretty darn amazing! Can't wait to see how the cliffhangers play out next season.

6. In an attempt to stay warm, I've been drinking a lot of hot tea. Last week, I made the mistake of reading this article and now I feel like I am slowly killing myself every time I make a cup of tea. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I no longer really enjoy my beloved cups of tea. Never should have read the article.

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