Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Our deck, a winter wonderland. Much as I dislike winter, I dislike people who constantly complain about the cold & snow, etc. It's winter. In Pittsburgh. Get over it. That doesn't mean I am happy right now - snow and slush make leaving the house in a wheelchair problematic, and that's putting it nicely. The cold really bothers my broken bones/replaced joints and my hands/feet never seem to be warm. Last weekend was so crappy I didn't go out at all so as of today I have not left the house in 11 days.

2. Not going out last weekend because of crappy weather means SP crammed the grocery shopping and other errands in on Friday night after work and then on Saturday we ordered pizza for dinner - spinach, chicken, bacon, and tomato pizza. The driveway & walkway were snow-free when we ordered the pizza but by the time the delivery guy arrived, everything was covered in white again. Ugh!

3. Since I am in a wheelchair, and since I gave up driving because I no longer felt like a safe driver, I am home the majority of the time. I have no problem filling my days: small chores (like Swiffer-ing the wood floors, loading/unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry), reading, catching up on TV/movies, blogging, cross-stitch, playing games on my tablet, crossword puzzles, paying bills/keeping our bank accounts and the budget spreadsheet up to date/balanced, genealogy research, scanning old photos/slides --- so much to do I sometimes feel I don't have enough time to do it all! Maybe that's because it takes me so much longer than a 'normal' person to do some of these things, but...

So I have no tolerance for people who say they need to get out of their house every day. They complain if icy roads and wind chills of -20 keep them home for a day or two. How hard is it to amuse yourself at home for a day? SP loves to have one day/week to stay home and not have to leave the house, even if he's busy with chores, he says it's nice to just not have to change out of pajamas and leave the house.
4. This week our dessert treat is Dried Cherry & Almond Biscotti. These are tasty, but didn't turn out quite as well as when we have made them in the past. However, being sub-par biscotti hasn't kept us from hoovering them up.

5. Last week we watched Prisoners and it was really good, better than we both expected. Barely recognized Hugh Jackman. I also watched Blue Jasmine and gosh Cate Blanchett is amazing!

6. The reading pile: I read Sycamore Row by John Grisham. I used to read all his books, then I lost interest, but for some reason I decided to give this one a try. It's the usual Grisham lawyer/courtroom stuff, but nice to return to the characters from A Time To Kill, and I enjoyed sorting out the geneaology/mystery part.

7. I almost read Cartwheel. Almost because it was a 7 day only book and I didn't finish it in the 7 days I had it and couldn't renew it. It drew me in but also annoyed me. I read about 1/3 and I'm not sure if I'm going to put it on reserve again. Especially since SP just picked up The Luminaries for me to read and it's 849 pages.

849 pages. Due February 13.

But first I need to finish Once Upon A Lie. At least it's short (304 pages).

8. It's Super Bowl weekend. We don't have any grand party plans. We aren't too interested in the game but I suppose we'll watch for the ads. I wouldn't be surprised if we turn off the game to watch Downton Abbey.

9. It's also Groundhog Day weekend. I am sure that rodent will say we have 6 more weeks of winter. If he says otherwise, he's lying! SP optimistically started planning our little garden last night and I made fun of him. Right now, the garden box and the herb pots are buried under snow.

Related: someone nicely gave us a crocus. I know this person meant well, but seriously? In this weather? With our cold house and drafty windows? I doubted our ability to keep it alive until spring. I was right. Within 2 days the purple flowers were shriveled and droopy. We are attempting to save it - we even placed it right in front of a heating vent, but... I have doubts. It needs sun, but the sunny window areas are super cold and drafty.

Another plant bites the dust. We are not good with indoor plants.

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