Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. The holidays may have ended, but we are still not back on our usual schedule. Usually, for lunch I have a 100 calorie Triple Health English muffin, toasted, with Swiss and turkey. We had too many activities and restaurant leftover lunches over the holidays, so the most recent 'usual lunch' purchases have lasted for quite a long time. But not all work week. So now it's grilled cheese week, because we have bread and we have cheese. Grilled cheese makes me happy.
I've been remembering to get the butter out early so it can soften and easily spread on the bread. Yesterday I used Swiss. Today brie. Cellone's Italian bread. Sliced tomatoes. Slowly grilled on the griddle. The brie sandwich (in the above photos) was especially ooey and gooey. So good. I'm sort of sad that after this Saturday's grocery shopping trip, we'll be able to be completely back on the (boring) 'toasted English muffin with Swiss and turkey' routine for lunch.

2. We are also not on the usual routine because of the weather. The turkey and English muffins ran out on Tuesday and no way was SP running to the store. Crappy weather meant SP came home early on Monday. He worked from home on Tuesday, mostly because the majority of his team decided to work from home (so he didn't feel too bad) and also because when he left/came home on Monday, there was a light coating of snow in the driveway that he drove over and then the packed down part quickly turned slippery and it was too darn cold to go out and try to clear it.

We took some extreme cold precautions, like turning on the additional electric baseboard heat in the basement and opening doors/cabinets where pipes are located to let the heat in. We also turned the heat up from the usual 69 to 71. Even at 71, our bedroom, which has 3 exterior walls, only got as warm as 66-67 and the basement stayed at 60. SP sure didn't feel like spending much time in his mancave! We also did not turn the heat down overnight like we usually do.

Happily, our pipes survived. The most annoying part of the frigid days was figuring out if we really needed to put the trash out for collection and if we really wanted to see what was in the mailbox!
3. Last weekend we had dinner at Silk Elepahnt, dessert at Waffalonia, and picked up some extra treats at Gaby et Jules. At Waffalonia, we tried the waffle with speculoos spread and it was OK. It was the first time either of us had tried speculoos and neither of us was particularly impressed. We won't be getting that again!

4. At Gaby et Jules we ran into a fellow blogger & friend and it was great to briefly see her. I think she was going to get some macarons, which for some reason I think I should like as much as everyone else seems to like but every time I have tried them, I have been unimpressed (although I have not tried the ones at Gaby et Jules). We opted for a coffee filled eclair, palmier, and lemon tart. In case I haven't mentioned it enough, I really, really, really like their eclairs and palmiers.

5. This week I watched RIPD (awful, even with Ryan Reynolds to look at; Jeff Bridges' character annoyed me so much I wanted to throw pillows at the TV) and The Wolverine (enjoyable for me until the end when it kind of... annoyed me).

6. This week I read Storm Front from John Sandford. Sandford is an author whose new books I always add to my library request list. This was an OK read, not as good as his usual stuff. I had to keep fighting the urge to throw the book down in annoyance because it was about a mystical religious relic stolen from Israel that could... blah blah blah DaVinci Code territory and blah blah ugh.

7. This Saturday it's supposed to be around 50 degrees! I am looking forward to a thaw and the snow melting. But not to the rain.

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