Friday, January 10, 2014

Tuna Melts

One day, I think it was back in November, SP came home from grocery shopping with a purchase from Costco: 15 cans of tuna. He says it was only 10, but I think it was 15. The point is: it was a lot of tuna. I glared at him and asked him why on earth he would purchase 10-15 cans of tuna.
I could tell he had prepared to defend himself. But it was on sale - there was a coupon! I like tuna! And I'll be home for several lunches over the upcoming holidays and tuna is a great lunch!
I was dubious. Yes, he'd be home for lunches, but normally those lunches are leftover food we make or leftover food from dining out. I do not really like fish. Not the taste. Not the smell. He knows that. Had he forgotten my complete flip out the day I came home from a lovely afternoon tea and the house reeked of the mussels he cooked? And that I couldn't escape the foul smell because we have a ranch home and I am in a wheelchair and everything I need is on the same level? Had he forgotten how I can't stand to be in the seafood section of grocery stores because the smell disgusts me? Had he forgotten how much I hate canned tuna smell and that I insist the cans be taken outside immediately because no matter how well you rinse them, they still stink?
Well, frankly, he just didn't care. The tuna was here to stay. So I stacked the cans in the pantry, full of anger and loathing and dread. I'll get him. I will make him eat every last can of that tuna. By himself. That was my vow. But then we needed a quick dinner and the polar vortex was descending and I just couldn't handle figuring out dinner or cooking dinner and no one wanted to go outside. So we made tuna melts. And I kinda enjoyed them. But don't tell him, because I do not want another 15 cans of tuna in the house.

Our version of Open Face Tun Melts:

2 cans tuna
3 hard boiled eggs
1 stalk celery
2 dill pickle spears
mustard (Dijon or whole grain) (if desired)


Drain tuna well. Finely chop celery, eggs, and pickle. Toss everything in a bowl. Add as much/little mayonnaise as you want - we start with a large spoon dollop, mix, and go from there. If desired, mix in a smaller spoonful of Dijon mustard or whole grain mustard.

Place bread of your choice (or bun/roll) on cookie sheet. Top with tuna mixture. We like to put sliced tomato on top and then top it with cheese. One night we used smoked gouda, one night we used Swiss, whatever kind of cheese you want. Heat in 350 degree oven until tuna is heated and cheese is melted. While the tuna melt is in the oven, take the stinky tuna cans outside to the recycling bin, even if it is -25 windchill.

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