Friday, February 7, 2014

Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate

I don't often enjoy beverages made with milk, like hot chocolate. I used to drink a glass of whole milk every night with dinner, but then in my mid 20's I started feeling gross after drinking milk. Then I started having problems with eating ice cream. Then I discovered how bleah hot cocoa made me feel. So I quit milk.
But every so often, hot chocolate sounds good. Hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. Nutella Hot Chocolate. Mexican Hot Chocolate. Or this: Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate.
So I added white chocolate to the grocery list. It's not an ingredient we normally have on hand. I like the flavor, but more as a drizzle on top something or as a flavor in a dessert, not to eat straight. All the other ingredients we have on hand (usually!).
I made this myself and of course I let skin form on the milk - gross. I just scraped it out of the pot when I removed the cinnamon stick.
SP heard me saying 'gross' as I removed milk skin, so he offered to take over at the stove since he can see into pots better than I can. He whisked in the cinnamon, white chocolate, vanilla, and brown sugar. He also poured it into a glass mug for me and generously offered to garnish it with whipped cream (so he could squirt whipped cream directly into his mouth!).
I like the creamy, melty white chocolate flavor and the cinnamon flavor, and I like the extra flavor from the whipped cream melting into it, but after the first few gulps, it started to taste a wee too sugary sweet for me. SP thought it was too sweet from just one sip. I think maybe less brown sugar, or maybe no brown sugar. I would try it again, but add the sugar to taste.

Recipe can be found here.

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