Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Graupensuppe (German Barley Soup)

I cut out a lot of recipes. Some because the photos look so pretty. Some because they sound yummy. And some because I know it'll probably be something SP would like even if I might not normally give it a second glance. Case in point: this Graupensuppe recipe from Saveur (Issue #142). I ripped the recipe out over two years ago (November 2011) along with several other soup recipes in that issue that were featured in an article The Art of Soup.
SP loves soup. I like it, but don't get nearly so excited about it as he does. He almost always orders soups when we dine out. Thanks to him, I am starting to like soup more and more. Mostly, I like that it is usually a relatively easy meal to make, it can simmer away on the stove or in a crock pot, and it makes a lot so we get 3-4 meals out of one dish. Of course my soup attractions tend towards the creamy, cheesy soups - beer cheese soup, loaded baked potato soup, creamy whatever soup. He rolls his eyes at my unhealthy soups, which is why I ripped out all these soup recipes from Saveur. We finally got around to trying one of these soups and chose the Graupensuppe - German Barley Soup.
This soups smells fantastic as it simmers - the bacon and sausage not only give the soup a smoky flavor but make the house smell smoky & delicious as well. It's also super easy - saute the onions, toast the barley, add all the other ingredients and let it simmer until the sausage is cooked, about 35 minutes. Most importantly, it's quite tasty. It's very filling because of the barley and potato. Those ingredients along with the sausage make this a hearty & satisfying meal. The broth is smoky, the barley is soft and chewy - so warm and comforting on a cold winter evening.
Our changes:
  • Halved the recipe
  • Omitted the leek
  • Used 2 bratwurst even though we halved everything else
  • Used celery instead of celery root (because I misread the recipe - the word 'root' was on a second line and I stopped reading after 'celery' and never noticed the word 'root' all by itself in between 2 ingredients on the list)
  • Tried to buy bratwurst at the meat counter but they didn't have any so bought a package Johnsonville bratwurst
  • No parsley
Recipe can be found here.

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