Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's been a couple of weeks since we decided to try another 'new to us' restaurant for dinner: Mercurio's. Mercurio's is on Walnut Street in Shadyside. They serve salads, panini, pizzas, and gelato. I had been wanting to try their gelato for quite some time, but every time we were in the area and I remembered, there was a whole lot of traffic from an arts festival or some other event. This time, we had been out shopping and didn't really know what we wanted so we checked a few places on the No Wait app. Some had very long waits already (Burgatory & Piccolo Forno) but Mercurio's didn't have a very long wait. I waited until we got through the tunnels to add my name to the wait list.

We were seated within a few minutes of arriving, faster than the app said! I was pleasantly surprised that they serve fresh brewed iced tea (some pizza places do not). It didn't take us too long to settle on 2 Neapolitan pizzas to share.
We had to try the Pizza Della Casa - tomatoes, house made mozzarella, grape tomatoes, arugula, prosciutto di parma, parmesan, and extra virgin olive oil. We always try the prosciutto-arugula-mozzarella pizza. It was yummy! Lots of prosciutto. A chewy crust. Thin in the middle but not too soggy.
The other pizza we ordered was the Primavera - tomatoes, house made mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichokes, extra virgin olive oil. This was delicious as well - I love how the tangy artichoke, soft roasted red pepper, and earthy mushrooms melt together with tomatoes and cheese and crust. 'Officially' the prosciutto pizza was 'mine' and the Primavera was SP's, but I think I might have liked his better and he said he liked mine better, but only because he absolutely loves prosciutto. I love it, too, but for some reason, on that night, the Primavera just made my taste buds sing.
Of course we had to get gelato for dessert. For me, tiramisu (on the left) and for SP, vanilla with chocolate bits.

I should mention that we were seated near the door on a very, very cold evening. Every time the door opened, cold air blasted me. I was very cold. Extremely cold. I get cold easily, and the walk over had chilled me, and I never warmed up, I just got colder & colder. So my frozen hands were gripping / fumbling the fancy camera and I kept taking photos of the gelato and saying to SP,"I know it's low light, but these don't look right. The gelato all looks the same. Mine should be kind of light coffee colored. I don't get it." Finally I gave up, I was just too cold and I just didn't have the brain power or patience at that point in time to figure out the problem.

The gelato was very good, but I think I would enjoy it more on a warmer day! The hostess and servers were very friendly and helpful. They all made efforts to greet guests and keep them informed. We definitely liked the pizza and gelato. We'll definitely be back - plus, they have a lasagna pizza. It looked really tasty as well. A bonus on the night we went was that we got to use a City Dining Card.

The final word on the gelato photo: it wasn't until the next day when I was photographing Sunday dinner that I figured out the problem. My cold hands fumbling the camera had hit the button to toggle from color to monochrome and I didn't realize it. I did the same thing on Sunday - I accidentally hit the button and the brisket was photographing without color! Oops. Now I know for the future. I was just way too cold to figure it out at Mercurio's!

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