Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Ah winter. More snow and this time ice, too. SP worked from home yesterday with a couple of trips outside to attempt to dig out. Not that there was that much snow - we got 4-5 inches at our house - but the layer of ice made it extra heavy and extra difficult. The guy across the street was using a snow blower and it kept getting stuck on the ice. After 2 hours of shoveling, things were again clear. And SP was cold and tired.

2. There are always compromises when buying a house. There is no perfect home. But sometimes, I think we should have paid a bit more attention to the driveway. We have a long, sloped driveway that wraps around to the back of the house and the garage. Right now, we are totally jealous of neighbors with a flat, short, garage entry in front of house driveway.
3. It's ham salad from Portman's week! And since he worked from home, SP got to enjoy some.

4. SP gave me a box of assorted dark chocolates from Sarris for Christmas. I've been slowly working my way through the box. There are always 1-2 coconut pieces and I HATE coconut so I've been saying to him that he gets the coconut ones when I find them. Earlier this week, there were 3 pieces left. I got the box last night and there were only 2 pieces. SP confessed to eating one and said it wasn't coconut. I decided to eat the last 2, figuring that one would be turned over to SP. Sure enough, the first piece was coconut so I handed it to him. I picked up the last piece and bit into it and... UGH! It was also coconut! I couldn't believe it! I feel like I got robbed because of the last 3 pieces, SP ate one and the last 2 were coconut!

5. Even more insulting: when I bit into one of the coconut pieces, a small piece of chocolate must have fallen into the neck of my t-shirt/sweatshirt because when I got ready for bed and took off my t-shirt, I found dark brown smears on the neck of the shirt. Then I looked in the mirror and found a smear of melted chocolate on my chest. Great. I didn't even know a bit of gross coconut chocolate fell down my shirt and melted/smeared on me.

6. I finished Once Upon A Lie but I have not yet started the 849 page book. I think the size is intimidating me.

7. Related: I have not yet read those 3 issues of National Geographic. I got tired of seeing them in a pile in plain sight, so I stashed them in the magazine holder, which got moved to a slightly less visible place, so... Good thing I didn't renew my subscription. I'd have another 4-5 issues piled up by now.

8. Last week we needed a quick Friday night dinner so we made this:
SP's mom gave us a bunch of these soup mixes at Christmas. I'm not a huge fan of mixes like this, but they are nice when you need a quick and easy meal. Boil water, add contents of bag, simmer 20 minutes, eat. It was pretty tasty, as far as these mixes go, but like many, a little too salty for my taste.

9. redesigned their website and, to be blunt and honest, it sucks big time. WTF? There is no organization, no ability to quickly scan headlines and click on news of interest, just a bunch of poorly organized, stupid, huge photos with headlines. It. Is. Awful. And insulting. Are 'we' really so lame brained these days that the news online needs to be dumbed down like this? Hidden somewhere? Fewer articles and more huge photos? Isn't this supposed to be a 'real' news site? Why do I find and better organized and easier to navigate?

10. My holiday Sarris chocolate might be gone, but there's still some Sarris cappuccino meltaway egg in the refrigerator from last Easter. Hopefully we'll finish it by this Easter.

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