Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. For 5+ years we have had an annual discussion of whether or not to purchase a snow blower. Last week's 4-5 inches of snow plus ice causing 2-3 hours of shoveling fun for SP finally ended that discussion. This past weekend, we went out and purchased a snow blower. It was delivered this week.

Of course, the delivery guys were late delivering it. They arrived after the 2 hour window. They had a lot of attitude, were crabby about taking it down the driveway and around back to the garage (um, really, should I have you bring it in the front door and put it in my living room?) AND THEN when SP went to open it/inspect it, he discovered it was delivered broken. SP spent 1-2 hours calling an 800# then being told to call the store then being told to call the 800# then given a local number to call then told we couldn't exchange it because it was bought at an outlet (um, no), then told to call the store then told...

Then, of course, today the 'less than 1 inch of expected snow' has turned into 1+ inches. Wonderful. And we have no salt because many stores don't have any.

Not happy.

Winter is really wearing me down.
2. If I close my eyes and sniff the 2 new candles we bought, it almost seems like spring. I had a coupon for buy one, get one candles at Yankee Candle, so we each chose a scent. I chose Vanilla Lime and SP chose Fruit Fusion.
They both smell really nice but I prefer the sedate green color - that Fruit Fusion bright orange is a little too bright for me!
3. Dessert this week is Orange Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. Love these. I love orange and chocolate together. I love shortbread. These are going quickly.
4. Last week we had no dinner for Friday evening, so SP brought home DiBella's subs. I had The Cowboy: chicken, bacon, cheddar, BBQ. Pretty darn tasty.

5. Last Friday he also brought home dessert from Gaby et Jules. I think we might be getting addicted to the eclairs and palmiers. This time, we didn't even share. Oh no. He had to have his own eclair and palmier.

6. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I still believe it is a stupid holiday. I still refuse celebrate. We do not buy cards/gifts/go out to dinner or do anything romantic and I start to gag if I have to see anything with hearts or pink or if I see some 'romantic' story on the news. That being said, I suspect SP bought me a small treat from a bakery, and that's OK because the cookies will be gone by tomorrow. It's not a Valentine's treat. It's a 'we need dessert' treat. Just like last Friday.

7. This weekend is a 3-day weekend!

8. This weekend is also Mamma Mia! And dinner at a new-to-us restaurant!

9. I gave up on The Luminaries. I started reading it and got maybe 100 pages in, but it just wasn't grabbing me. Plus, there were still 749 pages to go and it was due today. So I returned it, unfinished.

10. The new Food Network Magazine arrived and it's all about bacon. So much bacon. Mmmmmm bacon.

11. The Spring Equinox is Thursday, March 20 this year. Only 5 weeks away!


  1. Not sure if they still have it in stock, but Agway in Imperial had salt not long ago. Home Depot & Lowes were both out. You may want to call Agway to see if they still have some before trekking over that way.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I'll have to let SP know - he was planning to go salt hunting after work!