Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Hubby broke the Valentine's Day Rules and bought me a card and a heart shaped chocolate from Sarris. I got him nothing. Thanks for making me feel like a horrible wife!
2. He also came home with a special dessert from Gaby et Jules. A pink heart with mascarpone mousse and lime. It was very light and I enjoyed it, but I think I prefer the palmiers and eclairs.
3. The snow blower issue is finally resolved. After a lot of hassle. An exchange was supposed to take place on Monday, but Monday morning at 7 am we received a call that it was out of stock so delivery wouldn't happen. It was rescheduled for Tuesday but then was cancelled Tuesday morning because of weather. It was rescheduled for today and it actually happened! It looks like it's fine, but I guess we'll find out for sure when SP uses it for the first time. I find myself hoping for a snow storm.

4. Dessert this week is the Cherry & Chocolate Shortbread Cookies we baked last weekend. I guess we've been on a shortbread kick lately. Good stuff.

5. We bought too many bags of stuffing cubes at Thanksgiving, so we decided to use a bag in the pantry and have Thanksgiving in February last weekend. We bought some turkey cutlets and seasoned them with poultry seasoning, made sausage stuffing, and made the sauteed green beans & mushrooms. No pumpkin pie, though.

6. I like the warmer weather except that it seems to have awakened the stinkies. I caught 4 of them yesterday, creepily crawling around the living room. Part of me wanted to torture them by burying them outside in a snow drift, but I figured they would probably survive, reproduce, and then even more tiny terrors would worm their way inside through a teeny crack, so I did the usual: trapped them under an old juice glass and waited for SP to get home and dispose of them.

7. I am looking forward to a warm (50 degrees) Saturday. Even though it is going to be below freezing, again, just days later, at least Saturday will be nice-ish. As in, I won't turn into a popsicle the second I leave the house in spite of being bundled up to the point that I can barely move.

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