Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beer Braised Pork

Another post about braising with beer! The Beer Braised Brisket was so yummy that a couple of weeks later we decided to try Beer Braised Pork. Much as we long for spring and lighter meals, it's still cold enough to want braised meat meals with comforting, warm sides like macaroni & cheese and pureed cauliflower.
This pork turned out amazing. The sauce is really good, too, full of carrots and onions.
The usual braising ingredients: meat, carrots, onions, beer, bay leaves. Plus, one 'unusual' ingredient: whole cloves. We've added rosemary and thyme to our braises, but not cloves.
As usual, brown the meat, remove it, saute the veggies, return the meat to the pot, add the liquid and seasonings, place in oven and braise until done. Above is right before going in the oven, below is after braising. Lots of brown goo on the sides of the Dutch oven! But here's what we are loving about this Dutch oven: even though my mom bought us the special enamel cleaner, we have not had to use it. All that brown stuff easily wipes off with some running water and a soft sponge.
 We put our chunky sauce in a gravy boat.
 Beautiful sliced pork:
 Add a spoonful of sauce and enjoy:
We didn't use quite as many onions as the recipe said but next time we definitely would. The slow, braised onion flavor in the sauce is sooooo good. Like we could eat spoonfuls of the sauce good.
Our favorite Macaroni & Cheese  - with cheddar & colby cheeses plus cayenne and dry mustard. So creamy and cheesy and delicious.
And pureed cauliflower. This time, we went back to cooking the cauliflower in milk. Instead of adding parmesan, we added thyme and pepper and it is so good! I can't wait to make this with fresh thyme.

I liked this beer braised pork much better than the Milk Braised Pork we made back in February. It's a definite 'make again' dish for us.

The Beer Braised Pork recipe inspiration can be found here.

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