Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beginning the Garden

On Sunday, March 16, as I snuggled under a blanket in the recliner, blowing my nose into tissue after tissue after tissue and wheezing from congestion, SP headed to the garage to get away from me. He had plans - garden plans. Since early February, he's been talking about what to grow and when to start. I haven't paid much attention - I was a little discouraged after last year when a few of the tomato plants died in a May frost, the cucumbers never appeared, and the zucchini took forever to debut.

There was, as usual, much discussion of where exactly to place the little starter plants. We finally settled on the dining room. We put up a small folding table directly in front of the window. The window gets a lot of afternoon sun. We opened the sheers to maximize the sunshine. There also is a heating vent directly under the window, so the hope is it will blow heat right on the plants and keep them from getting too cold (the dining room can get a wee bit chilly). Here's the set up:
He got a little seed crazy this year. Left unsupervised on several shopping trips, he bought seeds for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I was a little annoyed - couldn't we just buy the usual petunia plants? Buy cucumber and tomato plants? No, he wants to try from seed. OK then. It's his project. It wasn't long before we saw signs of growth:
It's been just 10 days. I'm not sure what is in each square. SP has a master grid on his computer. The 3 small green pots all have basil - we grow, and use, a lot of basil. The other herbs are the usual: oregano, thyme, dill, chives, parsley, rosemary, mint. The petunias are in there somewhere (assorted colors). And there are various kinds of tomatoes, some cucumbers, some zucchini, and some beans.
It's kind of nice, nurturing these little babies, checking on them every day, seeing what new green sprouts there are, making sure they are moist and in the line of sunlight. I talk to them. Yup - crazy plant lady. I fret over their health. I'm a little worried we might have to buy a bunch of bigger pots for the stuff that seems to be really taking off and growing quickly. It might be ready for more space before May and we'll have to re-pot it before planting it outside in the garden box.
Grow, little guys, grow.

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