Monday, March 24, 2014

Blueberry Pancakes (with cherries & sausage & dippy eggs)

I'm on Day 13 of being sick. I am finally feeling better, but I'm still pretty tired and still needing to use a fair number of tissues. At least I am no longer taking cold medicine. SP is feeling better, too. Even though we are feeling better, we still don't have much energy, not even to feed ourselves. So this week for dinner, we decided to have 'breakfast for dinner' a few nights.

Specifically, last night we decided to make Blueberry Pancakes. SP was craving Blueberry Muffins (for breakfast & snacking), but then he saw a recipe in my binder for Blueberry Pancakes that uses cake flour and he decided he wanted to try it for dinner. I have had this recipe for a very long time (since the August 2002 issue of Bon Appetit) but never bothered to try it. Usually, I just add blueberries to whatever batter I am making or plop them on top of whatever pancake/waffle I make.
These are delicious pancakes, and the recipe made just the right amount of batter for us to have pancakes for two dinners.

Alongside his pancakes, SP made himself a dippy egg. We've been enjoying fresh eggs from my friend's 'peeps' (as she calls them) and they are a bit larger than supermarket eggs but much eggier tasting (which is a good thing). She gave us two dozen eggs; so far we've used a bit more than one dozen. I hope her peeps keep providing us with eggs!
We also cooked sausage. Not Ricci's this time, but still tasty, although I think I cooked it a little too long.
Honeydew on the side plus maple syrup and a bit of butter for the pancakes.
Pancakes are one of my favorite foods but we rarely make them. I can't quite explain why, but there's just something about the flavor and texture. I feel so happy when I swallow each tasty pancake-y, syrupy, fruity bite. It's like when I eat lasagna. I start to lose control and I just eat and eat and eat until I'm ready to burst. Waffles are good but can be a little too crisp. French Toast is really good, too, but a lot depends on the bread and sometimes the eggy crust is not cooked enough/cooked too much. But pancakes - I think they might be my favorite of those 3 breakfast foods we like to make. But not just any pancake. Sometimes the pancake is disappointing or bland. These are not. These make my taste buds and belly happy.

We actually split the batter into two parts. For my 'half' we kept it 'as is' with the cake flour and all purpose flour. Then we made another half batch using cake flour and whole wheat flour (for SP's pancakes). We thawed frozen blueberries and cherries, so these actually were Blueberry-Cherry Pancakes.

Recipe here.

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