Monday, March 17, 2014

Orange, Blue, or Red?

I am now on Day 6 of the Worst Cold Ever. OK, I've probably suffered through equally awful colds or even worse colds, but when you feel this miserable, it becomes the Worst Cold Ever. I am so disgustingly sick right now that I don't even want to be around me.

I didn't get to go see Once at the Benedum on Saturday because I had a fever. I spent that morning shivering and having goosebumps before finally taking my temperature and confirming that it wasn't just chilly in the house. I took an aspirin, which brought my fever down, so I was holding out hope to make it to the show, but after my shower, a sneezing fit resulted in a nosebleed so then I was faced with a runny nose and sneeze from my cold but also nosebleeds from the medicine and too much nose trauma and it was just A Huge Mess. I stayed home with tissues plugged up my nose.

I told SP to leave the dinner table last night because I was a coughing, choking mess of snot and phlegm and food and no one wants to be around that (he was done eating but I was struggling through an agonizingly slow eating process interrupted by sick fits). He was trying to be nice, you know, in sickness & in health, but really, he's just praying he stays far enough away to not catch this. We've both been wiping down door handles, light switches, remotes, etc., with Clorox Wipes. Total germ paranoia. Every dish I touch, every dish I even look at, goes in the dishwasher.

Last night at dinner I was also having panic attacks because the chest phlegm/cough fits were so bad that at times I was unable to catch my breath and I felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs to stay alive. The wheezing was disturbing. So off he went again, to buy another medicine, while I tried to remain calm and breathe.

All that stuff in the photo? Purchased in the last week (except for the aspirin). The amount of money we have spent on cold crap in 6 days is ridiculous. Why can't there be an all-in-one medicine? I went from orange liquid for general cold to blue for general plus runny nose but not chest congestion to red for night-time to blue for general plus chest congestion but not runny nose.

And the tissues... thank goodness for Costco.

Really hoping this cold ends soon. Aside from my misery, I feel bad for SP having to deal with me and the germs floating around. He was a little too eager to head out the door to work today! But if he does catch this disease, he's got his choice of orange, blue, or red medicine.


  1. aww...I hope that you feel better soon! Have you tried a neti pot for your congestion? Some folks swear by it.


    1. Thanks! I haven't tried a neti pot - they kind of scare me! I'm not sure I could use it without ending up making a huge, snorting mess!