Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts (Bird Terror)

1. Things are getting a little disturbing here. It's sort of starting to be spring, which means the return of wildlife. I have no idea how our overly developed area even has all this wildlife, all seemingly living in our backyard, but we do. Right now, I'm going to focus on birds. We have a lot of birds in our yard.

I'm not much of a bird fan. They kind of disgust me. I shudder in horror at the thought of a bird as a pet. So dirty and gross. I refuse to do anything to attract birds. No bird bath. No bird feeders. When our yard guy suggested some shrubs to attract pretty birds, like hummingbirds, I said no way. We do not need more birds.

We opened the sheers in the dining room so the sunshine could shine brightly on our fledgling garden. Our windows are pretty darn clean. We have a wonderful woman who comes once a month to give our home a good cleaning and she is very big on having the windows clean, particularly the kitchen, living room, and dining room windows. I have no problem with this. I like clean. I am a clean freak.

But apparently, some combination of open sheers, super clean windows, and bright sunshine has the birds flying into the windows. Thunk! Thunk! It happens 6-8 times a day and scares the heck out of me every time. At first it was just the dining room, but now it's the kitchen, too. My lovely, clean windows now have, shall I say, bird residue on them. In multiple spots. It's pretty disgusting. You can count the number of birds that hit the window by the number of... residue spots.

Worse, thudding off a window kills many of these birds. Instantly. So we have bird corpses on the ground outside the windows. So disgusting. And it's still cold. And we're still sick. So no one wants to go remove the bodies. We half jokingly said that maybe the stray cats would handle disposal for us.

Um. Yeah. They, or another critter, did. The level of disgusting rises because then the only evidence of what happened is a pile of feathers on the ground. I suppose I should be glad it's just feathers and not... shall I say, more? Like the time I worked in the USX Tower on the 50th floor, wandered over to gaze out a window, and found a bird head, just a head, sitting on the sill. That was disgusting.

So every time a bird hits the window, it scares me, I fear the window breaking, so I go to check on things. Even worse than an unmoving bird body is discovering a stunned, obviously injured bird wheezing & struggling to breathe on the ground. It makes me feel sorry for the bird. And I dislike birds.

So yes, it's getting a little disturbing around here.

2. I am finally sort of feeling better, but now my eyes are watery and I'm still sneezing, so I fear I moved right from bad cold to bad allergies. Terrific!

3. I'm finally doing more than sleeping in the afternoon! This week, I read a book. 'All Necessary Force' by Brad Taylor. If you like this kind of book, it's a fun read.

4. Last weekend we watched 'Rush.' I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would given that it's about car racing and I despise car racing. This weekend we have 'Gravity' to watch.

5. Since we're still trying to kick the last of the evil cold from our systems, we made a big batch of chicken noodle soup for dinners this week. There really is something about chicken noodle soup that makes you feel better.

6. On last wildlife-window thing: this past weekend I was washing dishes and something jumped on the window sill. I was so startled I dropped whatever I was washing in the sink. I looked up and saw a squirrel watching me. It was so close! It pressed its little nose against the window and stared at me - I was so afraid to even move! I know it couldn't get through the window, but it was right there, above the kitchen sink, just 3 feet away. Then I started wondering if I could get the camera before it darted away, but I just couldn't stop looking that bugger right in the eye. Finally it licked the window - yes, it licked the window - and darted off.

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