Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. SP finally got to test the new snow blower and he was quite happy with it. He has to get used to it and get it set right -- the first pass on the driveway, he blew the snow into the neighbor's driveway. Oops.

2. While the snow blower might be kind of fun to use (especially the first time), we are still hoping the snow is over.

3. It was about this time last year that we bought our herb seeds, dirt, fertilizer, and little grow containers. This year, I cannot imagine starting seeds in March. Even if we keep them inside. It's still too darn cold. There's still snow surrounding the little garden box in the front yard.

4. We've been trying to re-book/re-plan last year's vacation that we had to cancel because I fell and broke my hip. It's not going well. The hotel we booked in city #1 got a lot of publicity over the past year and availability is tight. We have a tentative reservation but it's not exactly when we want - and it's a bit more expensive. The hotel in city #2 is now $100/night more than last year. So we have to do hotel research, again. And the flights are looking to be $200 more for a total of $400 more in air fare than last year.

5. So now we are reconsidering vacation. We're considering going to just one of the two cities and having a one week vacation instead of two week vacation. We are also considering other cities.

After a couple hours of research today, I have a vacation planning headache.

6. We're looking forward to a warm-ish weekend.

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  1. Yeah it's still cold out but if starting from seeds, it's still getting close to time to get them underway regardless. Probably use the little peat pellet disks as starter medium and a plant heating mat to keep the seeds warm as they germinate and begin to grow?