Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beezus Kiddo Snacks Her Way Through The Strip

Today’s post comes from Elizabeth of Beezus Kiddo and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on jelly jars where I talk about a questionable home decor choice: carpeting your walls.

From Beezus Kiddo:

If you ask a Pittsburgher, especially a foodie, what are the “must do” things in Pittsburgh, you’re bound to soon hear an enthusiastic endorsement of the Strip District. The Strip District is the ‘burgh’s version of an outdoor market, and in years past used to be where all the fruit, veggie and meat wholesale purchasing happened. Now it has more of a flea market type feel with all the vendors packed into the narrow sidewalks, but snacking options abound. There are SO many things to try there, that the options can be overwhelming. Luckily for all yinz guys, I’ve done the heavy lifting and can tell identify the MUST TRY snacks on that stretch of Penn Avenue. First let it be known that while there are tons of restaurants in that area, my preferred approach is the “small bites” style. If you want the full on sit-and-eat experience, the absolute best places in my humble opinion are DeLuca’s, The Thin Man Sandwich Shopand Café Raymond

But on to the snacking!
A non-negotiable MUST eat for every visit to the Strip District are the Mung Bean pancakes sold outside Sambok Asian Grocery. They’re inexpensive ($2.50 each) and tasty. They’re all full of mung beans and have a little kick of kimchi. They are simply amazing. This vendor also sells chicken on a stick that is pretty awesome.
After Sambok, it’s worth taking a stroll down to Wholey’s. There are several different seafood snack options there, and all of them are super fresh. If you’re in the mood for something salty and fried, the fried fish sandwich is a no brainer. There’s also a sushi stand right in the door, where the selection and quality are impressive. There’s also a stand out front where you they shuck oysters and you can buy them individually and eat them right there. 
On this particular visit I opted for the New England style lobster rolls, and they were a-ma-zing. The bread was so pillowy and the lobster mixed lightly with mayo, celery and spices and heaped generously in my sandwich.
Another absolute must are the Pierogi at S&D Polish Deli. The sweet farmers cheese pierogi are absolutely out of this world. You can buy them frozen or you can order them cooked to eat right there. They have seating in the deli, so you can give your tired feet a rest while you chow down on this sweet and buttery treat.
Finally, a visit to the Strip is NEVER complete unless you stop at one of the cookie vendors (I usually opt for one of the ones outside PennMac) for a giant cookie. I love the black and whites, because they use chocolate chip cookies as the base and coat them generously with the black and white icing. Also, cannoli. So delicious.

These are all the eats I can pack in to one visit, but if you still have room for more, the tacos at the cart outside Reyna’s are the second-best in the ‘burgh (next only to Smoke in Homestead, but even in second place, they are darn good), the pepperoni rolls sold hot outside Mancini’s always hit the spot, and when the weather’s warm and Lucy’s got shop set up outside Bar Marco, do not miss her amazing banh mi sandwiches. Even though I was feeling pretty stuffed, now I’m getting hungry again! Maybe I should take another drive down to the Strip….

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  1. I have actually never done the strip, I need to rectify this immediately. A black and white cookie with a chocolate chip cookie base, be still my heart.

  2. It's about time for Dan and I to pack up the kids and head into the Strip some random Saturday morning! I guess I need to wait for soccer season to end.