Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Honey-Soy Sauce Marinated Skirt Steak

In yesterday's Coffee Marinated Skirt Steak post, I mentioned that we marinated just one steak in the coffee marinade but that we had purchased 2 (1 lb) steaks. The second 1 lb steak turned out to be 2 small pieces of skirt steak, not one big piece. We decided to also marinate those to try to keep the meat tender. We opted for this marinade from Simply Recipes: Grilled Marinated Flank Steak.
Coffee Marinated on left. Honey-Soy-Red Wine Vinegar on right.
The marinade is olive oil~red wine vinegar~honey~soy sauce. We omitted the garlic.

This, too, is a tasty marinade, but we both preferred the coffee marinade, possibly because due to the smaller size, these honey~soy marinade ones were grilled a wee bit too long and turned out a bit too well done. Or maybe because the coffee is such a strong flavor. This marinade was a bit more mellow. There was a lovely char on top:
But they were just a bit too well done.
I'd definitely try this marinade again. It tasted really good the next day when we ate the steak cold in a salad. Hopefully, the next time we buy skirt steak packaged like this we'll be able to tell if inside the package is one 1 lb piece or two 1/2 lb pieces - the bigger pieces are much easier to cook to a desired doneness. 

This marinade would be tasty on pork, too. 

Recipe here.

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