Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 1. Our garden is growing! I think every square/pot has growth. Pretty exciting! Someday soon these little basil guys will be tiny trees of basil:
 2. The stinkies are getting bolder. I think they are out to get me. Last night as we were watching TV I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Turns out it was stink bug - crawling up my arm towards my shoulder. I did what any normal, mature, adult woman would do. I leaned over to SP, squished my eyes shut, and started shrieking,"Bug! Bug! Get it off me! Now! Get it off! Bug!". Of course he didn't see it. I was finally able to squeal," Arm! Shoulder! Sleeve! Right side! Crawling up towards my neck! Get it before it crawls in my shirt! Get it off!"
3. Then, when I went in our bedroom to go to bed, I reached for my earplugs and the lotion, but what was there on my nightstand, on top of an earplug? "Bug! On my ear plug! Get it get it get it! Bug!" I tossed those ear plugs and got fresh ones out. Good thing we buy the super huge package of 50 ear plugs.
4. We watched Gravity last weekend. Great movie, but the thought of being stuck in space, lost in space, of just drifting along and not being in control... so terrifying.

5. SP thinks we might be able to grill this weekend. I think he's way too optimistic. At least it finally seems like spring and in the afternoons, it actually warms up to 71-72 in the house (we keep it at 69 in the winter).

6. We cleaned the sunroom last weekend. It hadn't been cleaned since Thanksgiving. Hopefully we'll soon be able to hang out in there - but it always takes a while to warm up. It might have hit 77 outside one day this week, but in the sunroom? Still quite cold, too cold for hanging out.

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