Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vanilla Cheesecake - Mix Ups & Dropsies

We had a whirlwind 6 day visit with my parents. They are currently on a plane, headed back to Las Vegas. I think my dad will be happy to get back to warmer weather. While SP & I thought it was pretty darn warm here, my dad didn't think the 60's were all that warm! We didn't wear jackets, dad did. Too used to that hot, dry, desert heat & sun!

We ate a lot of food when they were here. For Easter dessert, we decided to make a cheesecake. Both mom & dad like cheesecake a lot. So do we, but we don't make it just for the 2 of us. We need guests to help eat it!
Last summer we made a cheesecake following a recipe from our Williams Sonoma Baking Book. So I got out the book and looked up the cheesecake recipe and told SP to buy 2 packages of cream cheese. Saturday afternoon we went to make the cheesecake but when I opened the book and found the cheesecake recipe, it called for 32 ounces of cream cheese. That's 4 packages. I was confused. SP was annoyed. How did I screw this up?

So off he went to the store to buy more cream cheese, muttering that I can't do math and he should have just bought the cream cheese at Costco after all. The whole thing seemed strange to me, something was nagging at me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I briefly thought about checking last summer's blog post, but both my phone and tablet were charging and I felt really grungy so I just shrugged and went to shower.
After my shower, I went to check on things in the kitchen. The cheesecake was baking. SP said something about it taking 60-70 minutes and teased me about the cream cheese mistake. It was really bugging me, so I decided to pull up last year's post. Turns out it wasn't for Vanilla Cheesecake. It was for a Mixed Berry Cheesecake (but I just titled it Cheesecake because the berries are, in my opinion, optional). Hmmm... I got the cookbook and instead of just flipping to the cake section and finding the cheesecake recipe, I used the index of the cookbook. And discovered several recipes for cheesecake. One for Vanilla Cheesecake, which uses 32 ounces of cream cheese. One for Mixed Berry Cheesecake, which uses 16 ounces cream cheese. Whoops. When I made the shopping list, I looked at one recipe and when I found the recipe to make it, I looked at a different recipe! I didn't even realize there were several cheesecake recipes in the cookbook!
Oh well. Both are delicious. We baked ours about 5-10 minutes longer than the recipe says. It's rich. Smooth. Creamy. We've been enjoying tiny slices with strawberries and raspberries.

I was a little surprised SP kept putting the cheesecake back in the springform pan ring because usually it's kind of tough to get the flat bottom successfully and securely inside the ring, especially when it has a cake on it. I would have put the cake and springform pan bottom on a plate and covered it in foil or plastic wrap. But, whatever.
Tuesday evening was my parents' last night in town. After dinner, it was a little busy in the kitchen with one person washing dishes, one loading the dishwasher, one making tea, and one deciding to get dessert out. I was in the bathroom washing ham glaze off my hands when I heard some chaos in the kitchen. Hushed whisperings. Groans of dismay. And I thought, oh dear, I hope no one dropped the cheesecake/it didn't plop out of the ring and land on the floor.
SP's cheesecake. As usual, he buried his dessert under a huge mound of whipped cream.
Oh yes. It did. Splat. Upside down on the floor. Cheesecake on the wood, in the grooves between the wood, smearing all over. Many, many paper towels later the floor was clean again. Luckily, it didn't splat all over the place (walls, cabinets, refrigerator), it was confined to a 2 foot floor radius.

And that's the Easter 2104 cheesecake saga. One person can't find/read a recipe. Another person didn't take precautionary storage actions. And a third person dropped it upside down on the floor.

Sadly, no photos of the cheesecake splat were taken. I think I was too stunned and horrified!

Vanilla Cheesecake recipe can be found here.

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