Monday, May 5, 2014

Carnegie Coffee Company

Saturday mornings and afternoons are usually filled with errands and appointments. This past Saturday morning, there were no appointments, so we decided to go out for breakfast/lunch. Of course we were a little lazy actually getting up from the snuggly bed, and then we were a little pokey about actually getting ready to go out, but we finally made it out the door and down to Carnegie to check out Carnegie Coffee Company.
I've been wanting to check this place out for quite some time. I have read a lot of positive reviews of this place - plus, it's in the old Carnegie post office and that sounded like it meant an interesting interior. It didn't disappoint.
Some of the old post office boxes have been recycled into the ordering counter. The windows are huge, letting in lots of natural light, and have the old style chain/pulley/counterweight mechanism, though I am not sure if it actually still works, I could just see the chain and the track. There are several comfy chairs, tables with metal chairs the same bright, happy turquoise color as Carnegie's lamp posts, bookshelves filled with books. There's free wi-fi. Upstairs are comfy orange chairs and a large conference table.
I lived in Carnegie for 13 years. In all the time I lived there, this was the post office. It closed right before SP & I moved into our house (not in Carnegie). Post offices are important, but I wish this one had been this coffee shop when I lived down the street.

Carnegie holds a special place in my heart, not just because it's where I lived for 13 years, but because it's where both my parents grew up (although they didn't meet until after they graduated high school). It's where both my grandmas were born and raised. It's where the only grandparents I knew lived from 1955 until they passed away. It's where we visited my mom's great-grandfather when I was a little girl, in a skinny little home with the tiniest kitchen ever and steep steps to the second floor, steps so steep that even as a small girl I wondered and worried about my great-grandfather navigating them. It's where my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents lived, having migrated a bit out from where my great-great-great grandfather was born & later raised 9 children (Green Tree).

So a place like this, in Carnegie, in the old post office, it makes me happy. They don't just serve coffee, tea, and treats (which are from Big Daddy's Donuts & Mediterra)  - there are sandwiches and soup and salad, too.
SP decided to try a sandwich - honey ham and havarti on multi grain bread (his choice) with lettuce & roasted red pepper. He also ordered a side of pasta salad. We both liked his sandwich - a generous amount of tasty ham and the sweet burst of red pepper. But the pasta salad - oh my was that good. Tangy penne with a wilted green, bits of kalamata, parmesan, tomato and I can't remember what else, maybe blue cheese, but it was so good! He had to yell at me to stop eating his pasta salad and when he went upstairs to check things out, I snuck some more bites of his pasta salad.
I, of course, got a breakfast sandwich. I love breakfast sandwiches. Bacon, cheese, and tomato on a croissant (my choice, it could have been on something else like a bagel or English muffin). This was very good.

For beverages, I had a small latte, which was one of the best lattes I've ever had (could be the illy coffee) and SP had an iced 4 fruits tea, which was a delicious fruity flavor.

We really enjoyed our visit to Carnegie Coffee. The girls working behind the counter/in the kitchen area were very friendly as well, and smiling. I hope we manage to make it there more than 1-2 times a year, which seems to happen with a lot of places we like.

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