Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun & Food in the Sun

After a long, cold winter, Olaf isn't the only one who was super excited to be outside this past weekend - it was a lovely, sunny, warm holiday weekend. The weather was wonderful for hanging out on the deck. Olaf got to experience summer & sun! Of course you can't see Elsa's magical flurry cloud above him, keeping him from melting. Thanks to The P's 2 daughters for bringing Olaf to the cookout!
It was also a great weekend for reading in the sunroom and sipping an Old Fashioned.

A good weekend for fussing over the herbs & tomato plants, wondering if they're getting too little/too much sun/rain.

A great weekend for grilling: burgers. Sometimes stuffed in a pita...

...and sometimes cut up on a plate with ripped pita and cheese plus veggies.
Best of all it was a great weekend to gather with friends for a cookout and eat, drink, and laugh too much.
Beer bread, brought by Mr. & Mrs. P. They also brought dips - the bacon dip was a hit.

We made a veggie tray

And some veggie dip - Beau Monde Dip

Mr. B brought homemade salsa, which wimpy me didn't try but everyone else proclaimed it quite delicious and not too hot. Jalapenos and raw onions scare me...!

B&R brought veggie pizza - this time they chopped the veggies in the food processor. I like the super small veggie bits.

My first snack plate
SP grilled chicken. Some was seasoned simply with salt & pepper. Some with Penzey's Northwood Seasoning. Some got basted with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. Some got basted with SP's homemade sauce that wasn't supposed to be hot but when I tried it Sunday night I gagged and deemed it 'gross' - it seemed too thin/runny and it had too much hot sauce for my taste. Others at Monday's cookout liked it and said it could have been hotter. I stuck with the store-bought stuff!

We made fruit salad: honeydew, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries - plus a little bit of lime zest & lime juice and a little bit of sugar.

B&R made delicious fudgy brownies. SP & I made chocolate chip cookies and vanilla bean ice cream. Mr. B brought Almond Crisps (not pictured) from Market Fresh. Mr. & Mrs. P brought loft sugar cookies with sprinkles (not pictured). Lots of cookies and dessert, which we washed down with some dessert wine, courtesy of Mr. B. The orange muscat was very sweet and strong while the black currant was not as strong and fruitier.
Hope your Memorial Day weekend was as fun and delicious as ours.

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