Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. The plant babies have graduated from the dining room to the outdoors! This past Sunday SP transplanted all the seedlings. The herbs are in pots on the deck. The petunias are in the flower barrels/planters. And the veggies are in the garden bed. I hope they don't drown in all the rain. We are a little worried about frost, there always seems to be one at the end of May, but since a couple of the veggie plants were getting big (one cucumber plant was 2 feet long!) we decided to go ahead and move them outside. I hope the petunias flower soon - we could use some color out front.
2. This week for dessert: Andes Candies Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Soft, minty, chocolaty. Yum.

3. It's ham salad week! I know, I seem to be having Portman's ham salad for lunch a lot lately. I'm actually getting a little sick of it. This time SP bought some Havarti cheese, so that has been a nice change from Swiss.

4. I finally finished reading Frog Music by Emma Donoghue. I read her novel Room last year and I'm still not sure if I liked/disliked it, but I decided to give Frog Music a try. I enjoyed it, though it made me sad. The novel is based on a true murder mystery in San Francisco in 1876. I won't say too much else - but it's worth a read.

5. I've been listening to the new Black Keys. A lot. SP would be super annoyed if he was at home during the day - he doesn't like to listen to something on repeat. It drives him crazy when I have something on repeat. "Didn't we already hear this????"

6. The TV season is winding down. I am sad some of my shows have moved to new days/times for next season (like Amazing Race to Fridays). Thank goodness Revolution was cancelled. I was getting sick of the ever changing alliances and the stupid actions and stupid fights and just everything was so stupid. I don't want to bother with the last 2 episodes, but SP wants to watch them. I sure hope he doesn't think we're watching that idiotic Under the Dome in June.

7. Speaking of Amazing Race, the finale is this Sunday and I am so hoping the Brenchels don't win. She is such a whiny witch. "We have to win so I can have babies." I so hope she doesn't win & reproduce. I also am rooting against the country singers because they have received too much help to be truly worthy. I guess that means I hope Dave & Connor win. But really, I'm holding out hope that the Cowboys can somehow get un-eliminated because they are who I really wanted to win!


  1. " I so hope she doesn't win & reproduce".....LOLOLOL! I love TAR, and I have disliked the Brenchels from the beginning. I hope Dave and Connor win. I like the cowboys and the globetrotters, but the globetrotters don't need the $ either.


  2. BTW, did you know that they are moving The Amazing Race to Friday nights in the Fall? At least extended football games won't mess up your dvr!


    1. Yes - it just won't be the same on Fridays! Of course, we won't have to worry about it being delayed because of sports on Sundays, so I guess that's good. I won't have to set the DVR to record Amazing Race from 8 pm until 10:30 pm to make sure we don't miss any of it!