Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's been one of those days.

2. As soon as SP left for work, I thought I heard a noise. Like an alarm. I was in the bathroom and I couldn't figure out from where the sound was coming. It wasn't super loud, so I figured maybe it was my ears. I frequently have a ringing in my ears and it worsens when I have allergies - and I've been sneezing up a storm lately. Or maybe it was from outside. Since I wasn't yet dressed, I decided to not investigate. I went ahead and finished getting cleaned up.

But I still heard the sound. I thought I was going crazy. So I started slowly creeping around the house. Finally, I opened the door to the basement and lo & behold - I wasn't crazy. I wasn't hearing things. My ears weren't ringing. An alarm was going off.

Of course it was in the basement, where I cannot go to investigate. So I called SP. As his phone was ringing, I was sniffing the air for smoke and peering down the stairs looking for smoke. Of course, I waited just long enough to investigate that SP had just arrived at his desk. At his job. 30-40 minutes away. I described the issue, he said it was probably one of his back up ups systems with a low battery. I grumbled because the STUPID ups things ALWAYS decide to malfunction when I am home alone. They drive me nuts when the power goes out because they beep non-stop until power is restored. SO. ANNOYING.

So I called his mom to see if she was on the way because she was supposed to be stopping by to drop something off after 10 am and it was after 10 am. But I got her voice mail. So I called a friend of mine who currently has a sort of consulting job and he isn't always working. Fortunately, he was at home and he said he'd be over but to please be sure to open a door or window if I started feeling sleepy in case it was the carbon monoxide detector.

SP's mom then called back and asked if everything was OK. I told her what was going on and she said she was on her way from the post office. She arrived first, but I don't think she even noticed the alarm noise when she was here and since it was likely one of SP's 'nerd set up' noises, she didn't investigate. S showed up. MIL left. S went downstairs, verified it was the ups by the tv, and unplugged it to be sure it wouldn't go off again.

3. By then it was near 11 am and I hadn't had breakfast, but I didn't really feel like eating. I made tea for me & S and we sat and talked for an hour, just catching up with things since we haven't hung out in a while. Oh, and we ate chocolate chip cookies.

4. S left around noon and a couple of minutes later, M & P arrived for lunch. In all the alarm excitement, I had forgotten that I was supposed to call and order food for lunch. So we ordered pizza and then looked at photos from M's recent family vacation on a Disney cruise. It's always fun to chat and giggle with M & P - they are friends from when I worked at V but since V recently closed its Pittsburgh offices, M has started a new job and P took a position with V in OH and is commuting back & forth (4 work days in OH, 3 day weekend in Pgh), so it was fun to hear about their new adventures, especially P's story of her husband attempting to navigate the roads in downtown Pittsburgh after picking her up at the Greyhound station (they live in Butler county).

5. I finally got to read the newspaper around 3:30 pm.

6. Now I am finally catching up on 'computer stuff.' Like tracking the stuff I ordered that shipped the day I ordered it. It went from OH to NJ to Etna and it's still trying, a week later, to make it to my home. I would think that a company this well known would have better, more efficient shipping practices, but... It was free shipping.

7. I also likely just spoiled my appetite for dinner because I couldn't resist the call of the Fritos. Crunch crunch.

8. To summarize, today I got to visit with 3 friends. curse out SP's nerd set up, and eat cookies, pizza, and Fritos. Sounds like a pretty darn good Thursday so far.

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