Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bistro 19, Revisited

A few weeks ago, after a not-so-successful trip to the mall, despite it being early for us to have dinner, we were hungry but, of course, we couldn't decide where to eat. We could only figure out where not to eat! Finally, SP called Bistro 19 to see if they could seat us anytime soon, and happily, they could. So we zipped out of the mall parking lot and down Route 19.

This time, I actually tried a dish other than the Black Tiger Shrimp stuffed with spinach & artichoke, tomato parmesan cream, risotto, spinach! Here's what we ate:
Appetizer: Lemon Pepper Calamari with Citrus Caper Remoulade. We always order this. I like that the breading is not too greasy and not too heavy. It's a nice light breading. And the remoulade is soooo good!
Soup: SP tried a soup of the day, a pork & vegetable soup, I think, I don't remember. He really liked it, lots of pork & veggies and tasty broth.
Entree: Maple Leaf's Farm Duck Breast with pomegranate glaze, pear &blue cheese risotto, and green beans. I wasn't surprised he ordered duck, but I was surprised he ordered it because of the blue cheese in the risotto. He usually doesn't like blue cheese, but he said this risotto was really tasty and creamy and he didn't see chunks of blue cheese. I don't remember what he said about his meal, but his plate was licked clan in a matter of minutes, so I guess it was tasty.
My entree: Sea Scallops with sun-dried tomato puree, soft polenta, arugula salad, champagne vinaigrette. This was delicious! The polenta was soft and creamy and the tomato puree was, of course, to me, a tomato lover, delicious. The scallops were nicely cooked and the arugula fresh & crispy. With a little help from SP, I ate everything on my plate.

Even though we were pretty darn stuffed, we looked at the dessert menu. If I had been just a bit less full, I would have liked to try the salted caramel ice cream, but since SP wouldn't commit to anything more than 1-2 bites of dessert and since I was feeling full, we passed on dessert.

I'm happy that even though we called at 5 pm, we were lucky enough to be told they could seat us at 5:30 - though they did warn us they were busy/booked for the evening and had only about an hour open for our dinner. That being said, we were not rushed at all, and our food did not arrive super fast. It was just like a normal dinner for us at Bistro 19, except that for medical reasons we didn't order any wine to enjoy and we were so stuffed we passed on dessert. In the end, our dinner took a little over an hour, but no one was waiting for our table, so I guess they either had a bit of a time cushion or someone cancelled.

Our server was lovely and wasn't at all bothered by my garlic inquiries. She kept our delicious fresh brewed iced teas filled.

Still one of our favorite places.

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